Japan Home Center opens in Vietnam

Launched in 1991, JHC retails high quality products at reasonable prices and is known for its “best selling prices for high quality goods by bringing Japanese gadgets directly to consumers through no intermediary”.

Retailer's first outlet in Vietnam opens in Hanoi's Cau Giay district on August 12.

The first Japan Home Centre (JHC) outlet in Vietnam opened on August 12 in Hanoi’s Cau Giay district, marking the debut of the retailer in the country.

A representative from JHC said that Vietnam’s home appliances market is huge and growing rapidly, and that its population is quite young and getting married, which present sound opportunities to develop the home appliances market.

Changes in consumer trends also encourage foreign retailers to come to Vietnam.

The V.I.C Retail and Trade Joint Stock Company (JSC) therefore decided to bring JHC to Vietnam after a long time researching the needs of Vietnamese consumers and determining the direction of the household appliances market throughout Asia.

JHC is a chain of retail outlets owned by International Housewares Retail (IHR), Hong Kong’s leading home appliance company.

JHC arrives in Vietnam

Changes in consumer trends also encourage foreign retailers to come to Vietnam. (source: VET)

It provides high quality products for personal and family life, with a network of more than 360 stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macao, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Australia.

JHC has a perse portfolio of products imported directly from 650 suppliers in more than 13 countries and territories, including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Americas, and Europe.

Japanese household products are a popular choice among women in Vietnam because of their beauty, usability, and top quality. At the grand opening of its first Vietnam store, JHC offered discounts of up to 49 per cent./.


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