Shopmatic encourages small businesses and entrepreneurs to go online with its ‘Inspiring Entrepreneurship Programme’, offering no hosting fees for 90 days between 3rd June and 31st August 2021.

Shopmatic waives hosting fees for 90 days to support small businesses

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 7 June 2021 - International e-commerce enabler Shopmatic has been unlocking online business success for SMBs and individual entrepreneurs since its inception.

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 7 June 2021 - In its latest drive to help businesses go online, Shopmatic is offering zero hosting charges to anyone signing up between 3rd June and 31st August 2021.

As part of its 'Inspiring Entrepreneurship Programme' merchants will be able to use the entire Shopmatic platform for setting up their e-commerce presence without paying any sign-up charges; all they will pay is a nominal fee of 3% per transaction whenever they make a sale. This step is being taken to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to take their business online, especially in these trying times.

For 90 days from the time they sign up, business owners will be able to access Shopmatic's vast range of tech-led features to help them grow their business while paying only 3% on each successful transaction.

Shopmatic is the only e-commerce platform to offer 4 different ways for merchants to go online. During the promotional period, merchants can choose to set up their online presence from any of the 4 options available- Shopmatic Webstore, Shopmatic Chat, Shopmatic Social or Shopmatic Marketplaces,

Speaking on the initiative, Anurag Avula, CEO & Co-Founder, Shopmatic, said, "In our continued effort to support businesses to start selling online in the current challenging environment, we're making it even easier for businesses to get online by removing the monthly hosting fee for the next 90 days.

We encourage SMEs and individual entrepreneurs in our markets to sign-up on the platform with no hosting fees and leverage the Shopmatic platform to drive their online success."

Through the 'Inspiring Entrepreneurship Programme', Shopmatic is extending its platform to a larger group of aspiring entrepreneurs during a decidedly challenging time. The platform has been leaving no stone unturned in fulfilling the desire of its customers to succeed in the online ecosystem.

You will recall that in May 2020, Shopmatic expanded its offerings to create tailored solutions for Singapore's Grocery stores, enabling them to create an online presence with pre-developed catalogs and more. This enabled small business owners to create web-stores easily without the need for technical know-how, or design experience. The platform also offered easy inventory management, secure and instant online payments, contactless delivery, and self-pickup options.

Earlier this year, Shopmatic went a step ahead to help not only incubate but manage and fund some merchants impacted by COVID, to go online.

"We are helping businesses to sell on marketplaces and brick and mortar retailers to sell online by creating fully-fledged e-commerce stores for their businesses. For these businesses, Shopmatic is setting up their e-commerce stores, and managing all elements of the e-commerce value chain for them to be online-ready; these include Search Engine Optimization, creating their social presence across Facebook and Instagram, setting up Google Analytics etc and integrating multiple payment & shipping options. This initiative has helped many businesses during this challenging time by creating an alternate revenue stream. The business categories supported in this initiative include packaged F&B, Groceries, Fashion, Toys, Sportswear, Cosmetics, Jewellery and Organic Products," added Mr. Avula.

A consummate enabler of online business, Shopmatic delivers on its brand promise 'anyone can sell online' with its current Programme. It is indeed making it very easy for all kinds of businesses to go online, and is inviting social sellers, chat sellers, marketplace sellers, entrepreneurs, homepreneurs, businesses with brick and mortar stores, and literally anyone, to create their much-needed e-commerce presence on the robust Shopmatic platform.

About Shopmatic

Founded in December 2014, Shopmatic has been driving game-changing strategies in the e-commerce space and has engineered itself to stay focused on helping its customers succeed.

With its acquisitions of CombineSell and Octopus in 2019, Shopmatic is driving an omnichannel play for individual entrepreneurs and businesses in emerging markets, by enabling the entire e-commerce-&-retail-management ecosystems for them to succeed.

From a domain name to easy integrations with domestic and international payment gateways and shipping partners, to getting discovered via a unique, curated platform- Shopmatic World & multiple marketplaces, to POS, Inventory Management and CRM solutions, Shopmatic helps business owners manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their business.

Shopmatic is headquartered in Singapore with a presence in India, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Philippines and UAE. The company is quickly expanding to the rest of South-East Asia, this year.

Shopmatic has raised 20 M SGD from its incorporation till date with August One, SEEDS Capital and a consortium of investors.

For more information on the Shopmatic Group, please visit or contact




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