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Ly Son attaches QR codes at tourist attractions

Ly Son attaches QR codes at tourist attractions

14:57 | 12/01/2021

Heading towards applying technology to promote tourism to domestic and foreign tourists, the Management Board of Ly Son - Sa Huynh Geopark and Ly Son district, Quang Ngai province is attaching 28 QR codes to tourist attractions on the island before Lunar New Year.

Five gorgoeus miniature

Five gorgoeus miniature 'Maldives' in Vietnam

10:52 | 24/05/2020

A trip to Maldives is sure a coveted journey for many. However, travel fees might be a little exorbitant. So beachlovers can pick some destinations listed below, which are considered the "Maldives" of Vietnam thanks to their pristine beauty and crystal-clear water for their travel bucket list. 

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