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vietnam among top countries for high biodiversity worldwide

Vietnam among top countries for high biodiversity worldwide

22:06 | 05/06/2020

Vietnam has participated in a wide range of activities in response to World Environment Day on June 5, an occasion held by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) annually since 1982 which has turned into a widespread movement nationwide, serving to raise public awareness about environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation.

voices of vietnamese children survey revealed

Voices of Vietnamese children survey revealed

05:55 | 04/06/2020

Result of the survey “The Voices of Vietnamese Children” was released by the Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) and the Save the Children International (SCI) in Hanoi on June 2.

vietnamese in russia gives free pho to covid 19 doctors

Vietnamese in Russia gives free "Pho" to Covid-19 doctors

15:27 | 02/06/2020

 A restaurant chain owned by Vietnamese people in Moscow has offered free “pho” for COVID-19 frontline medics and healthcare workers at neighboring hospitals and health centers even though his businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic.

beautiful photos of upland children in vietnam

Beautiful photos of upland children in Vietnam

10:02 | 01/06/2020

Coming to the northernmost land of Vietnam, Ha Giang province, visitors are not only captivated by the majestic natural scenery but also fascinated by innocent beauty of upland children here.    

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