Vietnam fisheries resources surveillance force given military equipment

Fisheries resources surveillance forces and boatmen will be equipped with military weapons, including pistols, submachine guns and bullets.

This action forms part of a joint circular issued by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on equipment, management and use of military weapons and specialised supporting tools for fisheries resources surveillance forces put into effect since February 26th.

Under the circular, fisheries resources surveillance forces are to be equipped with 4 kinds of supporting tools, including guns.

In addition, military weapons equipped for the forces are also regulated in Decree 76/2014 of the Government. Accordingly, fisheries resources surveillance forces and boatmen will be equipped with pistols, submachine guns and bullets while fisheries resources surveillance vessels are equipped with light machine-guns, heavy machine-guns, 14.5mm guns and bullets used for these guns.

According to the circular issued by the Ministries of Public Security and Agriculture and Rural Development, the Vietnam Fisheries Resources Surveillance will be responsible for purchasing, distributing, repairing and managing military equipment and supporting tools while the Ministry of Public Security will direct the Police General Department in collaboration with the Directorate of Fisheries to train the fisheries resources surveillance forces on the management and use of weapons and supporting tools./.

Compiled by VNF

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