Vietnamese woman reaps success in US without a degree

(VNF) – Arriving in the US at the age of 18, holding no professional, academic or English certification, despite all of these disadvantages, Hang, a Vietnamese woman still secure a position in an Europen export-import firm while at the same time doing business on her own.

(VNF) – Arriving in the US at the age of 18, holding no professional certification, limited English skills, despite all of these disadvantages, Hang, a Vietnamese woman still successfully secures a position in an Europen export-import firm while at the same time doing business on her own.

Vietnamese woman reaps success in US without a degree

The Vietnamese woman, after struggling with tons of obstacles in the strange land, is now having happy family and a stable job in US (source: Hang's Facebook)

Unlike some other women, Hang never felt comfortable to rely on her husband for livehood. She already had this independent mindset since the first day arriving in US.

In a beautiful house in Boise city (Idaho, the US), Hang Palmer, 31, is living a happy life with her husband, David, and their two kids.

Looking back on over 10 years ago, the young Vietnamese girl, with no certification, poor English speaking capacity, Hang suffered from bundle of humiliation before getting the dream job in an European export-import firm.

Nowadays, she is even assigned to take care of important partners and clients of the company, despite being the only Asian staff in the firm.

Her daily work includes dealing with export, import, customs tax procedures, and several supporting services provided for 10 companies.

In the evening, she continues to work on her own business, importing Vietnamese handicrafted goods to the US, together with shipment service between Vietnam and US.

Vietnamese woman reaps success in US without a degree

Hang, her husband and their kids when they were little (source: The New VN)

Born in Trang Bom commune, Dong Nai province in the South of Vietnam, Hang has been a capable girl since she was little. As parents were busy with their work, she helped take care of all home affairs and chores.

Summer 2002 marked a turning point in her life when her grandmother who resided in the US went back home. An American man was accompanying Hang’s grandmom, as she wanted to ‘match’ Hang with the guy. However, Hang disliked the guy at the first sight, as she was too young and did not care about getting married.

David, Hang’s now husband, said he was interested in Vietnam, therefore he followed Hang’s grandmum for a tour in the country . During his short-stay in the country, many local girls showed interest for him, however, David was just drawn to Hang, a very interesting girl in his eyes, who was very skinny with tanned skin.

David could not take his eyes off Hang, and it irritated her a lot. She tried to stay away from him all the time.

“He stayed in my home for 3 weeks. I was very impolite and aloof to him. But despite my distant attitude, he kept being sweet and gentle to me.” Hang recalled.

One day the family brought David to Da Lat city. Because she hated David so much, one day, Hang immediately left out after meal without minding the cold weather outside. David followed Hang to hand her his jacket. The caring gesture somehow touched Hang’s heart. She spent time to think twice.

When David came back to the US, Hang finally gave him a chance to get closer to her. In the following 2 years, the American guy kept sending his love to Vietnam via hand-written letter and phone call. Being a romantic guy, he often surprised the girl he loved by including some Vietnamese phrases in his letter, or sang to her some love songs.

Two years later, David came back to propose Hang and brought her to the US. She just reached her 18 that year. Grandmom lived far from where David and Hang stayed, Hang therefore needed to deal with all the new thing in the strange land on her own. On contrast to the excitement filled her mind on the day she lelf for US, the strange land and the feeling of missing home seemed to knock her down.

She shared: “In the first four years, I lived in depression, as I was not getting use to the food, I missed and worried about my parents. In my head, I only thought that I had to come back to Vietnam. If it had not been the great love from my husband, I would have return to homeland.”

David worked in marketing department of an electronic company and was overly capable of raising his family and at the same time, supporting his parents-in-law. However, as Hang was too determined to support her family in Vietnam on her own, he had no choice but just let her go to work.

Hang’s first job was cashier in a supermarket, but people looked down on her because of her broken English. While working for a restaurant, she was scolded and even insulted by her boss.

Securing a job in the US is very difficult, Hang had no choice but telling herself to be tolerant.

In 2010, Hang applied for a job in a textile company, which paid her USD8/hour. At the beginning, things were really tough, as she did not know what to do.

Her Vietnamese peers kept looking down on her and said: “She surely will be fired within one week” or “God, look at how she sews.”

3 months later, the company announced its plan to recruit customer service staff. Hang was among the 16 applicants, in which the other 15 were all seniors.

Her co-workers, once again, de-motivated her by speaking: “You climb too high, you are an Asian, you know. How can you dare dream of getting promoted?”

“When I entered the interview room, the management asked me: “Please tell me why I should choose you, when you just worked here for 3 months.” I looked straight into his eyes and said firmly: “Because I want to take that position, and I believe that I will do it better than the others.”

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, núi, ngoài trời và thiên nhiên

Her confidence got her the job (photo: Hang's facebook)

Surprisingly, she was selected for the position, because of her unbelievable confidence.

Four years later, the textile company closed down. Hang looked for new opportunities. She decided to learn manicure, however she was lack of interest in the job, and later left it, despite the relatively high pay.

At the same time, an Europeam export-import firm was announcing its recruitment.

Initially, Hang was worried, as there were ten criteria for eligibility, and most important, she did not have any certification. Nevertheless, with the mindset “nothing to loose”, she confidently went for the interview, rubbing shoulders with 40 other candidates.

“I am kinda thick-skin, no experience but still try to appear professional, speak confidently. I was overjoyed as they said they would choose me.”, she proudly said.

Hang’s confidence and passion once again brought successed to her. In early 2017, she even received an appreciation letter from her boss for making the record of completing customs procedure for 31 shipments of goods to the US.

co gai viet duoc cong ty my chao don du khong bang cap

Compliments from Hang's manager (photo: The New Vietnam)

co gai viet duoc cong ty my chao don du khong bang cap

Hang and her children (source: The New Vietnam)

“She has built her career from scratch. My family, my friends all hat off to her. I can do everything for her just to see her shining smile.”

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