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Let Us Call The Country's Name Out Loud

October 24, 2021 | 13:26

The official name of Vietnam is associated with the slogan "Independence - Freedom - Happiness," which represents the value system, the ultimate and lasting goal of all Vietnamese people at home and abroad. This is the journey, the driving force, and the most basic foundation to earn national prosperity and happiness.
Let Us Call The Country's Name Out Loud

Independence is a requirement and a need that cannot be replaced. It is engraved in the consciousness of the nation and every Vietnamese citizen. To achieve plenary happiness, there must be freedom in its fullest and highest sense. That principle was summarized from the national aspirations and era's civilization by Uncle Ho, the Party, and the State to worship and transmit.

Experiencing the ups and downs throughout history, overcoming internal limitations, Vietnam today seems to be able to reach the highest goal of that aspiration, which is prosperity and happiness, for the first time.

We have concrete independence. We have the freedom to strive to achieve perfection, which is the release of the community and individuals' energy. Therefore, we must do our best to build a rule-of-law state of the people, by the people, and for the people. The voice of the people lies in the space of the political office. The needs of the community are the goals and motivations of the policy and macro strategy. All issues, whether big or small, need cooperation between the state and the people, who also need to have the "same desire", "same thought", be on the "same side."

In such an institution, talented, enthusiastic, responsible people are born and promoted to do the right jobs, at the right time. The weak do not have to be afraid. Bad things do not come easily.

In such a society, traditional cultural values are protected and nurtured. The mentality and ability to absorb global quintessence are enhanced.

With the current potential, we dare to believe that we have the opportunity to obtain the existing good values and achievements of mankind as well as to create those values and achievements. We also need to know how to enjoy them in the joy of solidarity, cooperation, and justice in our community and the playground of integration.

In the Vietnamese lifestyle, family is the nucleus and foundation of happiness. If we want to reach the nation's lofty goal and immerse ourselves in the flow of human civilization, the warmth of family must still be the first, the lasting, and most precious source of energy for Vietnamese people.

We seem to come close to prosperity and happiness because the aspirations and potentials are already available in society, already written under our country's official name. Let us call out the country's name to make our best efforts and move forward prosperity and happiness.

Vietnamese version: Hãy gọi vang tên nước

Content: Tram Anh

Graphic design: Tao Dat

Text graphic: Hong Anh

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