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Daily and Love Horoscope for Aug 09: Astrological Prediction for Zodiac Signs

August 08, 2020 | 18:00

August 09 daily and love Horoscope - You may feel as though you or someone else woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. The moon conjoins Mars while forming unpleasant aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, magnifying self-doubt, frustration, irritability, and impatience. 

Daily Planetary Overview

August 09, 2020 - You may find that others are a bit self-centered or inconsiderate this morning, and road rage could get ugly if you’re driving. Hold on hard to your calm so you don't fall victim to today's funk. Check-in often with your breathing.

While the first half of the day will be a challenge, the second half doesn't look so bad. As we head into the afternoon, communication should become easier due to a helping hand from the healing asteroid Chiron.


By evening, the moon moves into Taurus, giving us all permission to indulge a bit and relax. The moon also forms a sextile with Venus, helping us find balance and redirect energy in a more harmonious direction. Put some extra effort into your dinner and enjoy some fine dining tonight. Spend the rest of your evening finding ways to decompress, whether that’s online shopping, a hot bath, stretching, or a nice glass of wine. All are great ways to work with this energy shift and find peace.

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Daily Zodiac Horoscope for August 09


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Changes taking place in your home could cause some temporary frustration tense nerves on the part of family members, Aries. Perhaps you're moving or refurnishing or trying to do a thorough cleaning and everyone is getting into everyone else's way. Just try to get the job done as quickly as possible. Once it's done, tempers will subside, and all will be well.

Love horoscope: With today's astral configuration, you have something of a choice. You can either set yourself an impossible target in the romance stakes, or you can get going on a more practical scheme to win love in a fair and honest way. Self-promotion that is aimed at making a big impact is likely to fail.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Miscommunication with someone from far away could lead to bruised egos, heightened emotions, and angry phone calls. It's best not to get drawn into a quarrel, Taurus. Try to straighten it all out. Changes in your neighborhood could cause problems with travel, so be prepared for blocked streets and heavy traffic. Walk - it will clear your head and get you where you're going more quickly.

Love horoscope: You may not wish to admit defeat of any kind today until you have left no stone unturned and tried every way possible to make your romantic dreams come true. With today's planetary alignment, there is potentially an endless amount of energy for you to engage. But it is not necessary to use it like a battering ram. Instead, try taking a more philosophical and relaxed attitude.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Your talents as a psychologist could be put to work today when misunderstandings arise. Your companions aren't likely to be thinking straight and may not respond to reassurance, Gemini. Use your intuition to find the best way to defuse the situation. Finances might cause some worry right now, but your ingenuity and money sense should put things right. Go out and have fun tonight.

Love horoscope: Today's alignment of the planets brings an unexpected bonus. You can have everything you want so long as you can handle it. You may be tempted to make a bold move concerning your love life, but as you are currently on turbocharge you may overestimate your staying power. The one you have your eye on is hot stuff. Best cool down first before making a move.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Someone who interests you could seem to be showing interest in someone else. This might arouse your insecurities and cause a bit of jealousy. Don't make yourself crazy, Cancer. All may not be as it seems. Try to discern the facts. Invitations to do more than one thing on the same night might force you to make an uncomfortable choice. Make the one that suits you best.

Love horoscope: The power of the mind is quite awesome, as is the power of your words today. The influence of the planets may encourage you to do something that you aren't normally guilty of - to exaggerate. If you are tempted to do this within the context of a close personal relationship, you had better remember what you said, as you may be called on later to prove your point.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Someone is keeping secrets from you. We all have private issues, Leo, but this situation affects you. Your intuition will probably tell you who the person is. Try to get them to open up without exerting pressure. Unfinished tasks could drive you crazy. You may try to race through them, which can cause too much stress. Get the crucial ones done and let others go. Relax with a movie tonight.

Love horoscope: Belief can move mountains and create miracles in your life. Today you are given the added ability to use your belief system like an arrow that you can fire in any direction you choose. The celestial energy is making you rethink your beliefs about a certain relationship. If you can understand what you truly believe, you will make an enlightening difference to what has been a difficult situation.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Circumstances beyond your control might get in the way of attending a group event. This could cause some disappointment for you and others, Virgo. It's best to find something else to do. Your own project is likely to need some attention, and this could prove to be a challenge that keeps you engrossed for hours. Treat yourself to takeout tonight.

Love horoscope: There is a competitive edge to your romantic life today. Your partner may not be content to take all your opinions lying down. Perhaps they want to contribute some ideas. Today's astral energy means there is no need to see who is best at the game, although you may be tempted. Rather learn from each other's strengths. Avoid arguments and use energy in a positive way.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: A female visitor who needs some sympathy could contact you today. She may want advice on some problems, Libra, but she could also bring information, possibly involving new scientific or metaphysical studies that you find fascinating and that you'll want to relate to others. This information could trigger your own insights. Write down your ideas. You'll want to remember them.

Love horoscope: There is the tendency to preach to your partner today about issues that may need sorting out. Today's aspect at play means that there is a great deal of zeal involved, and you may feel the need to have your partner agree with you on these matters. This probably won't work, however, because nobody likes to be forced into a corner. Allow them the freedom to think for themselves.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Some important plans, perhaps involving a vacation or education, could be temporarily blocked by circumstances beyond your control, Scorpio. This can make you upset and might even set your temper on edge. You may be tempted to take out your frustrations on others. It would be more productive - and challenging - to find ways to make your plans work, even if they're delayed.

Love horoscope: The essence of the day is exuberance and enthusiasm all around. You know what you want and are prepared to go all out to get it. With today's celestial configuration, there is a romantic opportunity to meet with someone new at an online educational or spiritual occasion, and more so if it involves a talk. You may even fall in love with the speaker! Inspiration turns you on.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: A letter or call could arrive today bringing upsetting news about money, Sagittarius. Your first reaction might be to blame yourself or someone else, but the circumstances are probably beyond anyone's control. Chances are it can be set right. Before anyone gets too upset, it's best to investigate and find out what needs to be done. It might take some effort, but all will be well.

Love horoscope: You do not like to try and persuade people to do things against their real wishes, preferring to live and let live. However, with today's aspect at play, you seem to have a bee in your bonnet concerning your loved one. Something about them is bothering you and making you to want to change them. Talk to them tactfully and compassionately, as this is more likely to be the best path.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Jealousy could rear its ugly head today, Capricorn. This could involve a romantic relationship. Jealousy is often groundless, so avoid it by doing some communicating. This is the time to make the effort to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. Strong emotions can work for you under some circumstances. A passionate reconciliation is better than an angry estrangement.

Love horoscope: There is nothing like an inferno of fiery enthusiasm, something that you may know all about. It can truthfully be said that you pity those who seem to lack it. But with today's astral configuration, you may need to turn down the volume of your voice in your romantic relationship. Your partner may find that they have problems being heard. A gentle approach brings results.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: Nervous tension could cause a temporary malaise that keeps your energy very low today. But there are tasks that need to be done, Aquarius, so you'll probably try to do them in spite of the way you feel. Try not to overwork yourself or take your weariness out on others. It's better to let some things go than make yourself and everyone else that much more stressed out.

Love horoscope: Today's aspect at play indicates that there may be a lot of shouting, with people's voices being raised at least several decibels higher than average. This isn't so much due to arguments as to lots of spare energy. Similarly, in your love life today, there may be a lot of shouting, but it is more in the spirit of a really good game and a sense of competition, rather than being angry with each other.


daily horoscope for august 09 astrological prediction for zodiac signs

Today's horoscope: A group with which you're affiliated may be temporarily torn apart by quarrels among its members, Pisces. It's best to stay out of it. A friend could be having trouble and come to you for advice and help. Don't let yourself get too frustrated by his or her weakness. This could be a frustrating day for you, and one best spent concentrating on projects. Everything will be better tomorrow.

Love horoscope: There seems to be a lot of pushing and shoving around today, not only in your general environment but also in your love life. Neither of you is in the mood to give an inch, even you, the master of compromise. However, the day's planetary energy does indicate that you can both have the opportunity to do something pleasant together. Plan a common goal rather than fighting.