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vietnam news today vietnam approves e visa application from 80 countries as of july

Vietnam News Today: Vietnam approves e-visa application from 80 countries as of July

01:24 | 27/05/2020

Vietnam approves E-visa application from 80 countries from July and the government also revealed a list of border gates and airports that will accept an electronic entry, shrimp exports expected to pick up in May, a tree falling at school in HCMC leading to the death of 1 student ... are making the headlines of May 26.

politico vietnam the worlds no1 country in covid 19 fight

Politico: Vietnam the world’s No.1 country in COVID-19 fight 

22:38 | 23/05/2020

The US-based prestigious political outlet Politico has ranked Vietnam “the best COVID-19 performer globally”, with a possible 2.87 percent growth in the economy this year.  The ranking is based on the COVID-19 impacts on public health and economic outcomes.

vietnamese defence minister national borders are sacred and inviolable

Vietnamese Defence Minister: National borders are sacred and inviolable

06:10 | 23/05/2020

Minister of National Defence General Ngo Xuan Lich on May 21 presented a revised bill on Vietnamese borders at the current National Assembly session, stating that the bill needs to be enacted in order to protect the nation’s borders which should be viewed as both sacred and inviolable.

covid 19 creates opportunity for strengthening online teaching in vietnam

COVID-19 creates opportunity for strengthening online teaching in Vietnam?

06:00 | 23/05/2020

It is clearly seen that, the evolution of online learning has been widely discussed everywhere during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it is also an inevitable path for teachers in Vietnam. In fact, online learning has been proposed for years, but received very little enthusiasm from universities, academics and students. It was not until the outbreak of COVID-19 that the Vietnamese government and universities had no choice but to work out online plans, Dr. Huong Nguyen and Dr. Thanh Pham - two Vietnamese experts in education sector discussed in University World News, an international newspaper focusing on higher education globally.       

vietnam news today vietnamese media earns highest trust from citizens

Vietnam News Today: Vietnamese media earns highest trust from citizens

00:58 | 23/05/2020

Vietnamese media earns the highest rate of belief from people, according to recent research by YouGov, the British international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm. Trade deficit, the return of top football matches within the 2020 National Cup, foreign steel and oil experts to be quarantine, and new regulations for Vietnamese shrimp exports to Australia are making headlines of Friday (May 22).

vietnam news today evfta submitted to national assembly for ratification

Vietnam News Today: EVFTA submitted to National Assembly for ratification

23:52 | 20/05/2020

One of the most anticipated and significant deals namely EU- Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has been submitted to Vietnam’s National Assembly for ratification this Wednesday. Moreover, today's news of Vietnam also features a collection of some hot stories and articles.

vietnam news today vietnam shares covid 19 combat experience with who assembly

Vietnam News Today: Vietnam shares COVID-19 combat experience with WHO Assembly

00:38 | 20/05/2020

Vietnam News Today: Vietnamese leaders paid homage to the late President Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of the 130th birthday anniversary; shares its initial success in containing the pandemic at the 73rd WHO Assembly session. Moreover, there are some updates stories of Vietnam this Tuesday including its ranking in wealth markets, local fashion collection unveiled online, etc. 

vietnam jumps 14 places in open budget survey

Vietnam jumps 14 places in Open Budget Survey

21:44 | 19/05/2020

Viet Nam ranks 77th out of 117 countries around the world in the Open Budget Survey (OBS) 2019 from the International Budget Partnership (IBP), up 14 places against in 2017, according to the Ministry of Finance on May 18.    

five must know facts about president ho chi minh

Five must-know facts about President Ho Chi Minh

16:52 | 19/05/2020

Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), the Great Father and Leader of all Vietnamese nationals, was the most famous Vietnamese revolutionary and statesman of his time. He was one of the shrewdest, most callous, dedicated, and self-abnegating leaders, a man apart in the international Communist movement. The five facts about the late President’s life and career will give you a closer insight

exhibitions commemorating president ho chi minhs 130th birthday

Exhibitions commemorating President Ho Chi Minh’s 130th birthday

13:21 | 19/05/2020

Every May 19, the birthday of the great father and leader of Vietnam - President Ho Chi Minh is celebrated nationwide with a wide range of activities and campaigns take place. Among them are the three exhibitions showing Vietnamese nationals' respect for the late President, as well as portraying his life and career, his care for the working class. 

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