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Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Minh, the first Vietnamese honored with Pushkin Medal

October 31, 2017 | 17:18

(VNF) – Since the beginning of October, the little house of Assoc.Dr.Nguyen Tuyet Minh have been filled with flowers from friends, relatives and students.

(VNF) – Since the beginning of October, the little house of Assoc.Dr.Nguyen Tuyet Minh have been filled with flowers from friends, relatives and students.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Minh, the first Vietnamese honored with Pushkin Medal

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Minh (source: ULIS)

The flowers convey a special message, as they are sent to Assoc.Prof.Minh to congratulate her on being the first Vietnamese awardee of the Medal of Pushkin from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Tuyet Minh, Scientific Counsellor of the Russian World Reading Hall (International Faculty of Vietnam National University) was born in a revolutionary family. Her father was Major Nguyen Chanh, Commander of the Military Interzone 5 in the resistant revolution against the French colonists. Her mother was Pham Thi Trinh, a senior revolutionist, who was also Head of Military Interzone 5 Women’s Association, member of Quang Ngai provincial Party.

Minh has developed a close ties with Russian language since her young age.

Prior to her retirement, she was the Vice Head of the Faculty of Russian language and culture, University of Languages and International Study, Vietnam National University.

She has spent 26 years to complete the Grand Vietnamese-Russian Dictionary – a joint project between the Soviet Union Science Academy (the nowadays Russian Science Academy) and the Social Science Committee (Vietnam Social Science Academy).

The project was headed by the two countries’ prominent scholars, Prof.Vadim Solntsev and Prof. Hoang Tue.

Minh, a student of Prof. Solntsev and the Vietnamese language researcher Valentina Andreeva were two key editors of the dictionary.

The book has been highly reviewed by many acclaimed scholars in Russian language, as a milestone in the evolution of the Vietnamese – Russian dictionary sector.

According to Assoc.Dr. Bui Hien, the leading Russian language scholar in Vietnam, the dictionary is not only a “grand” book but also a “great” book, highlighted by four records: the largest number of vocabularies, the largest information quantity, the most popular and most updated dictionary.

The media and communication department of VNU recently conducted an interview with Assoc.Dr.Nguyen Tuyet Minh on her journey with Russian language:

Dear Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Minh, please share with us how you made your way to the prestigious Medal of Pushkin?

To me, the Medal of Pushkin can be considered a reward for my efforts in education and scientific research.

My whole life has been dedicated to Russian language, since I was a young girl, until now, when I almost reach the age of 80.

I headed to the former Soviet Union (Russia) in 1954, and became Associate Professor in 1984.

In early 2000, I successfully defended my PhD thesis. The two projects which I devoted the hugest efforts to complete were the Russian language textbook for foreign-language specializing students and the Grand Vietnamese-Russian dictionary.

This project has become part of my youth, and has a special meaning to my family.

I am very honored to receive this award, and above all, the attention and affection from friends, colleagues, and generations of students.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Tuyet Minh, the first Vietnamese honored with Pushkin Medal

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Tuyet Minh & daughter (source: ULIS)

Can you share with us an unforgettable memory in your career of working as a lecturer, as well as a researcher? Besides, do you have any message for the young generation, those who are pursuing foreign language, especially Russian?

Among countless memories I have had on my journey with Russian language, to me, the most memorable one was the chance to work under the guidance of Prof. Vadim Solntsev and Prof. Hoang Tue, in a project which has been conducted in nearly 30 years.

I have learnt a lot from these two teachers and brothers. That was what urged me to keep trying my best in order to not disappoint them.

Russian language is one of the most difficult languages, however, it creates advantage for the learners. For example, thank to Russian’s strict grammatical rules, Russian learners will find it much easier when dealing with a new language.

Learning foreign language also helps improve our mother tongue. Goethe once said “Who does not know about foreign language does not understand his own language, either.”

For students who are learning foreign language, just be confident, and try to communicate in that language as much as possible, don’t be afraid of making mistake. Foreign language does not only open the door for you to explore new cultures, but scientists have proved that it will boost the development of the brain, increase the level of concentration and observation. I, myself, is a living example, at the age of nearly 80, I still read and write books everyday, never forget anything.

At the moment, do you have in mind any plan for the future research, preservation and development of Russian language in Vietnam?

I wish to further devote to the teaching and research of Russian language.

Currently, I am compiling necessary references to complete my next project, which focuses on Vietnamese language modal.

In addition, I am preparing for the trip to Russia to attend the Pushkin Medal awarding ceremony, which is scheduled to take place in Grand Kremlin Palace in November.

Thank you so much for your sharing. All the best for you and your family!

( Translated by Phi Yen )