Australia to help Vietnam's agriculture by piloting block-chain technology

A workshop themed “Blockchain Improves Agricultural Supply Chains” was recently co-organised by Australian Embassy, the Asia Foundation (TAF), IPSARD and Ethical Trade International in HCMC.

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Checking the origin of a dragon fruits via a smart phone (source: Australian Embassy)

The workshop, held on September 7, featured how Australia can help Vietnam boost agriculture produce exports via piloting blockchain technology.

According to the demonstration at the workshop, by using a smart phone, foreign consumers can scan a QR-code sticker attached to an inpidual dragon-fruit and see instantly where in Vietnam it was produced and how it got to market in their country. Processes like these can enhance Vietnam’s agricultural value chains, improving product marketability, as well as support consumer protection and safety in foreign markets.

Blockchain technology is therefore expected to help Vietnamese agriculture produces secure a more stable position in existing export markets and unlock new markets.

These efforts are part of the Australian-funded pilot project ‘APEC Connect: Empowering Local Agricultural Producers with a Global Trading Identity’ which established a block-chain based identity and mobile platform to provide dragon-fruit consumers in Australia with information about the production and distribution process for Vietnamese-grown dragon fruit./.

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