Enter the Metaverse and Experience an Amazing New Tokyo - The Virtual Edo-Tokyo Project

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, bringing together Tokyo's innovation creators to share their solutions for urban growth and sustainability, is scheduled to begin this spring.
January 26, 2024 | 10:00

To lead up to this event, which promotes Sustainable High City Tech Tokyo (SusHi Tech Tokyo) and the creation of sustainable new value, Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) is pleased to launch the "Virtual Edo-Tokyo Project", using the metaverse to bring the wonders of Tokyo to the world.

Opening 100 days before the start of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024, The Virtual Edo-Tokyo Project was launched on Thursday, January 18. The launch featured Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and MATSUMURA Sayuri, who introduced the metaverse space filled with Tokyo's attractions, followed by a virtual speech from Governor Koike via her metaverse avatar.

Virtual Edo-Tokyo

Dates: From Thursday, January 18, 2024 until Monday, February 12, 2024
Venue: The Cluster Metaverse Platform

The Metaverse may be entered from Thursday, Jan 18, around 6:00pm

Main Content:

  • To promote to upcoming SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 event in April and May, advance reports about the event's highlights and past achievements will be issued
  • The diverse culture and many attractions of Edo-Tokyo will be on display through much of the content, including a virtual walking tour around Edo's central symbol, Edo Castle
  • Visitors of all ages will be able to participate in activities like work experience simulations

Virtual Edo-Tokyo Metaverse Spaces

Once visitors arrive at the entrance, they can enter six different areas and experience Tokyo's many cultural, industrial, and technological attractions.

Office of the Governor for Policy Planning- Tokyo Metropolitan Government
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