Explosion in Russian military base, 2 people die

According to Russia’s ministry of defense, the explosion of liquid – propellant rocket engine in a ballistic missile and submarine test base in Arkhangelsk region, Russia led 2 people die and six others got injuries. 

The blast in the military base in Nyonoksa town, Arkhangelsk region, Russia on Thursday killed 2 people and wounded six others, caused short – term spike radiation. The Dvina Bay in White Sea was closed from sailing.

Explosion in Russian military base, 2 people die

Photo: DW

It said “As a result of the accident, six defense ministry employees and a developer were injured. Two specialists died of their wounds". Other facilities in the base were also burned after the explosion.

Ksenia Yudian, a spokeswoman of Severodvinsk city which near this military base shared that “A short-term rise in background radiation was recorded at 12 o’clock in Severodvinsk”. According to Greenpeace, the levels of radiation in Severodvinsk city increased 20 time from the normal level.

However, the defense ministry confirmed the radiation levels were in the blast were “normal” that did not harm the atmosphere of the region and Arkhangelsk region authorities said “there's no radioactive contamination".

Due to the explosion, Russia shut the Dvina Bay are in the White Sea from shipping for a month, as Ifax news agency reported.

Moreover, the authorities did not show further information about other areas were closed or affected by the explosion.

This blast is the second accident after the incident occurred at another military base in Siberia, at least one dead and 13 people were injured and caused 11.000 people were forced to evacuate from their home nearby on Monday.

Reuters, DW, AFP ( Van Nguyen )

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