Love ‘On Air’ – Couple Proposes on Radio to Win a $10,000 Bespoke Jewellery Experience

After announcing her departure from radio on Monday 28 June 2021, DJ Maddy Barber was egged on by co-hosts Divian Nair and Andre Hoeden to sponsor a radio giveaway.

DJ Maddy Barber ends her radio career with an unprecedented $50,000 jewellery giveaway

Jovan Teo and Eveleen Liew won a bespoke MADLY engagement ring worth $10,000

4 more jewelry experiences worth $10,000 each are up for grabs between now and 16 July

9 July's jewelry giveaway is all about the "MADLY Upgrade", and is open to couples who would like to upgrade their engagement ring, or anyone who wants to upgrade their existing jewelry – listeners are encouraged to get creative!

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 2 July 2021 -With the encouragement of many Kiss fans, Barber ended up agreeing to a $50,000 bespoke jewelry giveaway, the highest value given away on Singapore radio!

Jovan Teo and Eveleen Liew with Maddy Barber at the Kiss92FM recording studio after their mutual proposal on air

Out of all the heartfelt entries, Jovan Teo's post and Instagram account stood out. The 27 year old wedding photographer shares his Instagram account with his girlfriend, Eveleen Liew, and as a regular listener of Kiss92FM, she had first heard about the giveaway. 4 years and 4 months ago, they met by chance at the ice rink in Kallang Leisure Park. Both of them happened to be ice skating and clearing their heads after a bad day when Eveleen approached Jovan and asked him to teach her how to skate backwards! The rest is history.

With their entire Instagram profile peppered with loving dedications to each other and promises of a future, there was no question that they were going to be the lucky ones. Singapore's first professional proposal company, Help You Marry, and floral designer, Regina Mae Fleurs, decorated the recording studio beautifully with neon lights, flowers and foliage to set the scene for the epic proposal. Jovan recited his carefully penned speech but just before he went down on one knee and asked her those four magic words, Eveleen stopped him and surprised him with a counter proposal! Of course, it wasn't just a 'yes', it was a "MADLY YESSSS!" from Jovan.

DJ Maddy Barber is definitely ending her 25 year radio career with a bang! Running up to her final show on 16 July, Barber will be giving away four more MADLY jewellery experiences worth $10,000 each. The coming week's giveaway is all about the "MADLY Upgrade" and is open to couples who've already popped the question years ago and who would still love to get a 'MADLY Yes', or for anyone who would like to upgrade or restyle their existing jewellery by saying "yes" to MADLY.

To participate, listeners have to share a picture of the jewellery piece they'd like to upgrade on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #MadlyYes, and also share their heartfelt story on why they want a MADLY upgrade.


MADLY is a vibrant and colourful bespoke jewellery brand which has the finest 0.1% of coloured gems from around the world. First and foremost a design house, the MADLY experience breaks free from norms that people expect from fine jewellery. Their bespoke, coloured gemstone pieces are made specially for each client; designed with bright, vivid colours to celebrate an occasion, crafted with all their tiniest quirks in mind and made to last generation after generation. Each unique MADLY creation is an expression of the client and their loved ones, handcrafted in 18K Gold and forged by the hands of master craftsmen.

Follow MADLY at:

Instagram: @madlygems

Facebook: @MadlySG


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