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Northern region braced for period of cold weather


17:13 | 16/02/2020

Areas throughout the north of the country including Hanoi are bracing themselves for the impending arrival of a cold snap which is forecast to hit several regions on February 16

Several localities located in the north are expected to endure drizzly conditions beginning from the evening of February 15, with temperatures poised to drop to between 13 degrees Celsius and 16 degrees Celsius.

Due to the impact of the cold weather, there is a strong likelihood that a number of mountainous areas will be the worst affected by the sudden fall in temperature, with many places expected to endure a drop to nine degrees Celsius.

In the face of the incoming cold spell, mountainous regions such as Lao Cai, Yen Bai, and Ha Giang have been urged to prepare for the potential impact of deadly landslides.

In addition, local authorities have been urged to make preparations ahead of time to ensure that all residents receive aid if necessary, whilst also trying prevent any significant damage being caused to people, property, and infrastructure.

Moreover, the cold snap is also expected to directly affect Hanoi, with dry conditions and extremely cold weather anticipated to hit the capital between February 16 and February 18, coupled with a sharp drop in temperature. It is expected that the three day period will see lows of 13 degrees Celsius with highs of 27 degrees Celsius.

Elsewhere, the central region, the Central Highlands, and southern provinces are expected to enjoy a period of hot weather.

Areas situated between Danang and Binh Thuan province will see daily sun, with the evenings bringing some light rain. The lowest temperatures will range from 22 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, with highs of 32 degrees Celsius.

The Central Highlands region is forecast to face spells of sunny and dry weather, with temperatures between 18 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius.

A similar situation is likely to occur in southern regions, with lows of 22 degrees Celsius and highs of 34 degrees Celsius./.