Party Central Committee concludes 11th session

The 11th Party Central Committee wrapped up its 11th session on May 7th, making decisions on a number of major issues.

In his closing speech, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong mentioned the personnel structure of the 12th Party Central Committee which will be decided at the 12th Congress next year.

Party Central Committee concludes 11th session

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong speaks at the closing session (Source: VNA)

The 12th Party Central Committee must be a strong and united collective with a steadfast political spirit and good moral standards. Criteria for selecting members of the 12th Party Central Committee must be based on common requirements stipulated in Party resolutions, he said.

In particular, members of the 12th Party Central Committee must have profound patriotism and political firmness while being persistent in national independence and socialism, he said.

They must be faithful to the Marxism-Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thought, the Platform and guidelines of the Party, the State Constitution, and the national interests. They must also have a strong spirit, keep their word, and act as an example of complying with the Party’s regulations and disciplines, the leader stressed.

He added members of the Committee need to be willing to cope with difficulties and challenges and sacrifice personal interests for the sake of the Party and the nation. They must commit to avoiding corruption and self-serving behaviour and be determined to fight against negative, bureaucratic and corrupt phenomena.

The new Party Central Committee needs to have an appropriate member number and structure to ensure the comprehensive, inheritable, and developed leadership, the General Secretary said, noting that there will be more members based in strategic regions and important fields while increasing the number of young, female, and ethnic minority members.

The personnel structure should be pided into three age groups: under 50, from 50 to 60, and 61 and above, he added.

Regarding the local governance model, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said renovating and consolidating local government is pivotal to the improvement of the operational efficiency of a socialist country ruled by law like Vietnam.

The 11th Central Committee decreed that all administrative units stipulated in Item 1 of Article 110 in the 2013 Constitution have a local government with the People’s Council and the People’s Committee, he noted, emphasising that their apparatuses need to be streamlined in accordance with their specific functions.

The leader said the Central Committee underlined the necessity of building the international Long Thanh airport, which was proposed at the Committee’s 4th session in December 2011, and considered it critical to national socio-economic development.

The committee also demanded the clarification of conditions for the airport to become an international transit terminal amid fierce competition from its Southeast Asian counterparts, he added.

He asked for productive communications campaigns to gather approval from the political system and high consensus from people./.


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