Keropok Mfaizz Popularizes Packing Secara Live Nationwide

Shopee Live Enables Keropok Lekor Seller from Terengganu to Own a House

Muhammad Faizz bin Pausan Arif from Terengganu, owner-operator of Keropok Mfaizz, is one of Shopee Live’s top record-breaking rural sellers for selling over RM500,000 keropok lekor in just three months.
December 28, 2023 | 15:10

Muhammad Faizz bin Pausan Arif from Terengganu, owner-operator of Keropok Mfaizz, is one of Shopee Live’s top record-breaking rural sellers for selling over RM500,000 keropok lekor in just three months.

Every morning at 8 am on Shopee Live, he becomes a household name as Malaysian audiences watch him pack two-thirds fish meat mixture for instant delivery on his 'Packing Secara Live' series.

Keropok Mfaizz Staff
Keropok Mfaizz Staff
“I am very happy as Shopee Live has changed my life – previously, I was living with my mother and my sales were limited by slow traffic to my offline store. With Shopee Live, I’ve managed to build my own home, have my own assets, and I’m now able to take care of my family,” said Muhammad Faizz, who now owns his own factory and processes 1 ton of fish meat per day and considering additional production capacity to keep up with customer demands on livestream.
His biggest lesson: content is king. ‘Based on my experience, people get bored by the same types of content, so I always have to try new ways to engage with them. I used to show them how to make keropok live, and that was hot... before the views dropped off. Then I told them to buy five packets of lekor and get homemade chili sauce free, but sales were still slow. When I show ‘this is my product’ things I lose viewers and sales. After I did Packing Secara Live, my sales broke all records on 11.11 because customers love to see their products being packed and ready to post. I am always searching for new content.’
Muhammad Faizz explains why he stands out from the crowd of livestream sellers by picking the 8 am slot on Shopee Live: ‘People love to eat keropok lekor as fresh as possible, so I show the breakfast audience how I mix 20kg of boneless ikan selayang fish meat with 10kg tepung sagu and fry it with other tasty ingredients live until it is half-cooked, and then vacuum pack it in time for the courier to pick it up at noon. When my customers receive their packages in two days, they can fry it again to eat.”
Many of his competitors in Terengganu are offline keropok sellers who have to wait for the school holiday period to experience any uptick in sales. Muhammad Faizz on the other hand, has broken the norm and sold over 18,000 orders to customers nationwide, mostly from Selangor and Johor since joining Shopee Live in March 2023. A true believer now in online platforms, Muhammad Faizz aspires to take things to the next level as the top keropok online entrepreneur in Malaysia.
“Thanks to its significant traffic and conversion rates, I save a lot of marketing costs on Shopee Live. My plan is to add more live stream sessions, and more production capacity and machines so that I can do Live for longer, and hire a host who can act as my backup.”
His success is proving beneficial to his local community. He sources all fish from fishermen in Terengganu to make keropok lekor, keropok ikan putih and keropok segera. He now hires 25 employees in his neighborhood to help in production and packaging and is motivating his four siblings (who are all keropok sellers) to go online.
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