The position of Vietnam in ASEAN

2018 marks the 23th year Vietnam becomes a member of ASEAN. Since then, Vietnam has been doing its best to make distinctive impression and contribute to ASEAN with true value.

2018 marks the 23th year Vietnam becomes a member of ASEAN. Since then, Vietnam has been doing its best to make distinctive impression and valuable contribution to ASEAN.

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nguyen Quoc Dung:

Vietnam contributes to almost every cooperation activity in ASEAN

The position of Vietnam in ASEAN

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nguyen Quoc Dung. Source: VNA

The progress of ASEAN was partly attributed to Vietnam. This fact was reflected in most of ASEAN cooperation activities, particularly the significant contribution to early implementation of the ASEAN Community Vision 2025. Relevant ministries, sectors of Vietnam have taken part in building the proposal, outlined agenda and plan to carry out the vision of ASEAN and the macro plan of three pillars of the Community.

Remarkably, Vietnam has made several initiatives, which has greatly promoted its role in ASEAN. The country's initiatives have received the supports of other members, including the ratification of ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) on enhancing cooperation among forces which execute the Law of the Sea.

Furthermore, Vietnam has completed the list of prioritized activities in implementing ASEAN – India Action Plan 2016-2018. The country also chaired the negotiation on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and meeting of the investment group representing ASEAN in RCEP; chaired and co-chaired many activities including the 12th Health Ministerial Meeting, the meeting between high-level leaders and joint task force on Declaration on the Conduct of Parties on East Sea (DOC), ASEAN Traffic Police, etc.

Furthermore, on the foundation of Vietnam – Laos special friendship, Vietnam had provided valuable assistance for Laos to help the country complete its role as Chair of ASEAN 2016.

In recent time, ASEAN's solidarity, prestige as well as Vietnam's position in ASEAN is facing multiple challenges. In this context, Vietnam has put a lot of efforts in consolidating the solidarity, unification and the role of ASEAN in the region’s affairs, such as dealing with traditional and non-traditional security challenge, as well as promoting practical cooperation in mechanism, important regional forum initiated by ASEAN and led by ASEAN such as the East Asia Summit (EAS), ASEAN Regional Forum, ASEAN Defence Minister Meeting Plus (ADMM+).

Regarding the East Sea issues, Vietnam took the initiative to communicate coordinate with other countries to reach consensus among ASEAN members, and between ASEAN and partners, ensuring common interests, in order to maintain peace, stability, security in maritime security and aviation security in the East Sea; accelerating incorporate East Sea issue to official documents, contribute to ASEAN forum with meaningful contents ; emphasizing fully and effectively and early complete the Code of Conduct (COD).

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pham Binh Minh

Vietnam’s impressive contribution to ASEAN

Pho thu tuong Pham Binh Minh gap song phuong ben le cuoc hop LHQ hinh anh 1

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh speaks at the fith Ministerial meeting of ASEAN and Pacific Alliance (source: VOV)

The first impressive contribution of Vietnam to ASEAN was hosting the high-level conference ASEAN 6 in Hanoi in 1998, three years after joining ASEAN.

At that moment, ASEAN was amidst many challenges caused by the regional financial crisis 1997-1998. This situation has evoked critism, doubts on the effeciency, even the meaning of the existence of ASEAN. Nonetheless, thank to the utmost efforts of ASEAN members, especially the host, Vietnam, the conference had passed the Hanoi Declaration and the Hanoi Plan of Action, together overcoming the difficult period.

Also at the conference, thank to the flexible application of ASEAN measure, Vietnam has successfully promoted the participation of Cambodia as the 10th member of ASEAN, making the dream of unifying 10 South East Asean countries under a common roof come true, placing the first concrete to build the ASEAN community.

Taking place in the late 20th century, the conference conveyed a message on the vigorous strength and the solidarity spirit of ASEAN, helping ASEAN confidently enter the 21st century.

In the next three years, with the role of Chair of ASEAN 2000-2001, we have promoted and incorporate the “reducing development gap” to become a top priority of ASEAN, by ratifying the Ha Noi Declaration On Narrowing Development Gap For Closer ASEAN Integration in 2001.

During the process of building the Community, reducing the gap of development is an important step to give member states full supports to effectively integrate in ASEAN and bring about prosperity to the whole region.

Based on the momentum, Vietnam has widened and deepened its participation in cooperation in ASEAN, in areas as perse as politics, security, national defence, economics, culture, healthcare, environment.

The role of Vietnam in ASEAN was clearly defined by the country's contribution to the building of significant orientation documents of ASEAN like the Bali Concord 1 (2003), Vientiane Action Programme (2004), ASEAN Concord (2007), Roadmap for an ASEAN Community (2009-2013).

More to mention, is the firm maturity which has received positive review from member countries when successfully complete the tenure of ASEAN Chairmanship in 2010.

With the theme “Toward the ASEAN Community: From vision to action”, we have proactively led ASEAN to a higher level of development, bringing to the Association a new working mechanism, create favorable condition for the ASEAN Concord to smoothly function.

Last but not least, the external relations of ASEAN has also been expanded. For the first time, 10 high-level meeting between ASEAN and partners were held in Hanoi, discussing important orientation for cooperation and development in the region, including inviting Russia and US to take part in EAS./.

( Translated by Phi Yen )

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