Vietnam’s female student takes over the role of Swedish Ambassador in one day

Phuong Anh, 20 years old, had a chance to take over the role of the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam from Ambassador Ann Måwe on October 3.

Vietnam’s female student takes over the role of Swedish Ambassador in one day

A 20-year-old female student of the Hanoi National University of Education was able to experience one working day of Swedish Ambassador and listen to her life stories. Photo: Plan International Vietnam

By this role play, Phuong Anh had an opportunity to experience how a day of an ambassador was like, as well as listen to her inspiring story from a normal Swedish girl to become the ambassador of a country. Phuong Anh took this chance to share her opinion about girls and women in leadership: "If there's a chance, girls and women can change the world!"

#GirlsTakeover is a campaign launched globally by the Plan International, which encourages girls to step into the shoes of country leaders to call on their governments to remove the barriers that deny millions of their rights.

In Vietnam, about 520 young girls have participated in the campaign since 2016.

This October, Plan International Vietnam will once again reach out to everyone, from children, families, communities to the local authorities and the government, to kick start #GirlsTakeover 2019 in celebration of International Day of Girls 11/10.

It's time Plan International want to ensure that girls and young women are being represented and being heard - in EVERY aspect of life: media, sport, education health care, career,...

Girls have the right to live in a safer and equal environment, to take part in decisions that affect their well being, in order to build a generation of female leaders that are always ready to create changes in the future.

At a discussion with reporters, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Mawe pointed out that gender inequality remains a thorny issue as in many places of the world, women’s presence and rights to access resources have been limited, adding that in Vietnam, women and girls have their voice heard better and better in many issues of the country.

The same day, the diplomat and the Vietnamese student paid a visit to the Van Noi High School in Hanoi’s Dong Anh district. They attended a discussion of a club on female leadership, which is part of a project of Plan International to create a safe environment for women and young girls at public places./.

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