Visiting Laos Is Simply Easier Than Ever

Laos might be a small, landlocked country in Southeast Asia, but from its people to its food and vast expanse of nature all over, it is a sight to behold and one of Asia's best-kept secrets. In fact, Gordon Ramsay recently named it one of the top food destinations in the world!
December 26, 2022 | 10:50


With a population of just over seven million, Laos' four international airports do not operate direct flights from the US, Europe, or Australia but there are ample connecting flights with neighboring countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and South Korea and even a new direct flight from Vladivostok, Russia.

It is very convenient to travel to the country overland as well. One could cross any of the 10 border crossings with nations like China, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam which offer visas on arrival for most nationalities. For travelers who like the assurance of advanced planning, eVisas are also available for entry at six border checkpoints.

You can also travel by slow boat down the majestic Mekong river from Northern Thailand to reach the UNESCO World-heritage town of Luang Prabang. Or take the overnight train from Bangkok to Nong Khai, Thailand, and cross over the First Lao-Thai Friendship bridge to reach the capital city of Vientiane, where you can explore Asia's quietest capital before boarding the Laos-China Railway for a rapid journey to other areas of the country.

Laos Simply Beautiful


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