Bluey - Australia's Children Animation To Be Screened Across Vietnam

As part of a series of activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Vietnam- Australia diplomatic relations, the Australian Embassy in Vietnam will organize screenings of ABC Kids' cartoon Bluey - a children's television program.
June 26, 2023 | 09:23

Bluey is an animated series about a family of Australian cattle dogs produced for ABC Kids by Ludo Studio, a Brisbane-based company, and co-commissioned by the ABC Children's and BBC studios.

The colorful ensemble of canine characters includes the main characters, Bluey Heeler, and Bingo Heeler, Bluey’s younger sister. The father and mother of Bluey and Bingo are Bandit Heeler, the archaeologist, and Chilli Heeler, who works part-time in airport security.

Photo: BBC Studios
Photo: BBC Studios

Bluey won the International Emmy Kids Award for the best content for young audiences in 2020. The series is now available on Disney channels and platforms in the US, UK, China, New Zealand, South Africa, and Kenya.

In Vietnam, three episodes were selected to be screened at the Institute of Cultural Exchange with France IDECAF and CGV cinemas, including Magic Xylophone, Grannies, and The Beach, which are 21 minutes in total.

Since the series 2018 premiere, the well-known animated children's program has drawn viewers from all around the world. It has received recognition for maintaining a realistic portrayal of contemporary family life and sparking debate by addressing real-world topics while still being oriented toward younger audiences.

Film premieres will take place at IDECAF, Ho Chi Minh on June 23 and at CGV Metropolis, Hanoi on June 26.

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