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tesla stock is there a forming of a new bubble

Tesla stock – is there a forming of a new bubble?

14:25 | 09/07/2020

There is a strong school of opinions in the recent Tesla stock price, about the validity of its valuation in the market. No fundamental analysis seems to be able to justify the stock price of the tech giant. Therefore, it brings up a valid question – are we seeing the forming of a new bubble?    

how much trouble is chinese firm huawei involved in

How much trouble is Chinese firm Huawei involved in?

21:26 | 07/07/2020

The situation is getting increasingly difficult for the Chinese company Huawei. New US sanctions, the decision to remove Britain's 5G Huawei equipment and the recent China-India tensions are all putting Huawei under great pressure. 

mckinsey fitch ratings highly appreciate vietnams economic resilience

McKinsey & Fitch Ratings highly appreciate Vietnam’s economic resilience

14:51 | 07/07/2020

According to McKinsey, Vietnam’s domestic economy is set to return to growth, but not until the global economy bounces back. Meanwhile, Fitch Ratings says that Vietnam is stand out among Asia’s frontier and emerging markets this year in terms of its economic recovery and success in curbing the coronavirus pandemic. 

vietnams industrial production slightly rebounding

Vietnam's industrial production slightly rebounding

15:30 | 06/07/2020

Data from the General Statistics Office (GSO) showed that Vietnam's industrial production was greatly affected by Covid-19 in the first half of 2020 but has gradually bounced back since May. 

new foreign investment wave begins in vietnam despite covid 19

New foreign investment wave begins in Vietnam despite Covid-19

13:30 | 06/07/2020

Under the impacts of Covid-19 and the US-China trade tensions, the new wave of foreign investments into Vietnam has become more visible. Specifically, there have been outstanding foreign ventures expanding in Vietnam in the first half of the year. 

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