GNI improves water condition for local community in Mai Chau

To continue the journey of efforts to bring better life for Vietnamese people, LOTTE MART holds a signing ceremony of cooperation agreement for water project with Good Neighbors in Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh province.

GNI improves water condition for local community in Mai Chau

Survey of place to build toilets at Bao La Primary school. Source: GNI

GNI has carried out the Rural Development project in Mai Chau District (Mai Chau CDP) since 2011, main project sectors including Child sponsorship, education & protection, health, water and sanitation, income generation and capacity building. Mai Chau CDP is implementing project activities in three communes: Xam Khoe, Pieng Ve and Bao La Commune with total population of more than 8,300 people. Number of sponsored children in Mai Chau CDP is 1,057 children.

There are 8 center schools (kindergarten, primary and secondary school) and 14 satellite schools in Mai Chau CDP, with total 1,617 students, more than 80% of them are Thai People. Water used at schools is from water source situated on high mountains through the gravity water system. Water is not treated before used by teachers and students. Although school boards are aware that using untreated water has a negative impact on the health of students and teachers, however, due to limited budget, this issue is not addressed yet.

At 2 schools, Bao La Primary school and Pieng Ve Primary school, there is no toilet room for students. At other schools, although toilet rooms are available but there is no hand-wash trough so basic hygienic condition for students are not guaranteed.

In August 2018 a flooding occurred in 3 communes Xam Khoe, Pieng Ve and Bao La that caused economic losses for local people. Of which the gravity water system that provided domestic water for people in Pu Village, Xam Khoe Commune and Van Village, Pieng Ve Commune was severely damaged, the pipeline from the water source was flushed away by flood or earthed by landslide. Local people come up with a temporary solution to solve problem by obtaining water from neighboring residential areas for use, but this is not a plan in the long term.

Therefore, it is important and necessary to set up a new pipeline system here. In order to support local people to meet their basic needs of clean water and toilets at schools in 3 communes (Xam Khoe, Pieng Ve and Bao La), LOTTE Mart provides a grant of VND 1,4 billion for Good Neighbors in 2019, to support clean water sources for 2,100 people.

Specificly, installating of water filter machine at 7 center schools and 10 satellite schools at kindergarten, primary and secondary level in 3 communes Xam Khoe, Pieng Ve and Bao La; building 2 eight-vault toilets at Bao La and Pieng Ve primary schools; Building handwash troughs for students at 5 primary and secondary schools in 3 communes Xam Khoe Khe, Pieng Ve and Bao La; construction and installation of 2 gravity water systems for local people in Pu Village, Xam Khoe Commune and Van Village, Pieng Ve Commune, thus, helping people to access clean water source. Especially, the project not only provides facilities, but also communicates to the people about hygiene for health and sustainable development for themselves and others. The project is expected to be completed in October 2019.

Good Neighbors International (GNI) is an international humanitarian non-governmental organization that carries out community development projects worldwide. GNI Vietnam is an organization for children, which has been implementing programs of sponsorship, education, child protection, health, clean water - sanitation, and income generation, etc.


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