IKEA Highly Appreciates Timber Source from Vietnam

"IKEA has been present in Vietnam through purchasing and supplying activities since 1993 and has continuously expanded cooperation with various domestic supply partners over the years," said Giafar Safaverdi - Managing Director of IKEA Vietnam, Southeast Asia Supply Area Manager of IKEA Group, one of the largest private furniture retailers in the world.
April 09, 2024 | 14:59

According to Safaverdi, Vietnam is considered an important wood supply market, especially Acacia wood. Vietnam's source of Acacia wood is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), suitable for IKEA's outdoor furniture products.

“Vietnam plays an important role in IKEA's supply chain. With growing infrastructure and favorable trade policies, Vietnam sets new directions for sustainable development, consistent with the development orientation of the IKEA Group's supply chain," Giafar Safaverdi affirmed.

IKEA Highly Appreciates Timber Source from Vietnam
Representative of IKEA Group (far left) participates in the seminar "Bringing Vietnamese fashion, furniture, and household appliances into the foreign distribution system" within the framework of Vietnam International Sourcing 2023 (Photo: congthuong.vn).

This year, IKEA wants to continue the practical process of building its supply chain in the Southeast Asian country according to the "Positive benefits for humanity and the planet (People & Planet) Strategy" throughout IKEA's value chain globally.

In addition, it strives to update practical experiences in building a sustainable supply chain of raw materials and products from participating businesses in the current development context of Vietnam.

“Together, we can create more positive impacts on the livelihoods of local communities, improving the effectiveness of environmental protection along with economic development activities," said Giafar Safaverdi

Sharing with the Vietnamese timber industry about IKEA's supplier selection criteria, Safaverdi said that IKEA's suppliers and service providers are key partners in the development process. Businesses in the supply chain share responsibility for ensuring that IKEA's signature products are produced from sources that fully meet sustainable responsibilities, with the ability to produce products timely, ensuring quality at the most optimal cost to meet the needs of an ever-expanding customer base.

He also shared that Vietnamese businesses are considered to have many advantages as the EU–Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) has opened up significant opportunities on a global scale. To take advantage of the opportunities from the EVFTA. Vietnamese businesses need to develop appropriate action strategies and expand their presence in the international market. Manufacturers need to focus on complying with international standards, improving product quality, and researching trade support policies. It is also important to keep up with the latest consumer trends and global customer preferences. Furthermore, building a strong distribution network and focusing on developing sustainable business activities will help businesses exploit the full potential of the EVFTA.

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