Innolux to Showcase Metaverse Black Tech at SID Display Week 2022

Innolux Corp. will highlight the theme of "Driving the Next" at the Society for Information Display's Display Week 2022, a closely watched get-together for the global display industry slated for San Jose, California May 10-12.


Innolux 2016 ppi VR LCD

With driving the future and inspiring infinite possibilities in mind, Innolux has utilized the Metaverse concept to produce visionary new mixed reality technologies and innovative products such as three-dimensionally immersive VR displays, Volume N3D Medical Display, Naked-eye N3D Display for Multi-user, the Inno-Gallery and Kirameki Display that fuses technology and the arts.

Besides, Innolux will also present Intelligent Vehicles displays such as Active Mini LED Backlight, HDR automotive Display, rotary knob automotive display, 12.3" go black and ultralow reflection automotive display, and Smart Privacy Display that promises to make a favorite for protecting digital privacy. This full lineup of forward-looking technologies and innovative products attests to Innolux's commitment to building an early presence in the metaverse and helping create a better-rounded ecosystem of smart displays.

An immersive VR experience, a gateway to the metaverse: Innolux has come up with VR displays that are comfortable to wear and render a life-like viewing experience. Visitors are welcome to try out a full spectrum of top-end VR displays.

A fusion of technology and the arts in the metaverse: Innolux's Inno-Gallery which is making its debut illustrates how technology and the arts can coexist and complement each other.

Commitment to developing forward-looking VR display technology: On May 13, Dr. Yung-hsun Wu, director of Innolux's LCD Product Development, will deliver a speech titled "High-Resolution Light Field VR LCD."

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