Inspiring story of Vietnamese disabled young man

Story of Vietnamese disabled young man who makes determined efforts to pursue higher education inspires us in so many ways every day.

Inspiring story of Vietnamese disabled young man

Phan Tich Thien and his friends in a teamwork (Photo: SGGP)

Let's read the story of the amazing man who has not let his disability hold him back in any way.

Suffering inborn brain damage, causing frequent limbs, mouth and tongue convulsion, with his dogged determination to pursue education, Phan Tich Thien, 25, will receive his Bachelor degree in Sociology on November 14 at last.

Thien said thanks to words of encouragements of people around him including friends, his home teacher and the principal of the senior high school, Thien decided to continue pursuing his higher education.

He burst into tears as Ho Chi Minh City-based Van Hien University admitted him regardless of his disabilities. That was 2015.

During his four years in the university, Thien has always been an active member and acted as a bridge in the class. He joined in MC club with the help of teachers so as to manage his breath in talks and presentations. He also joined in Ambassador club to inspire high schoolers.

Thien shared that he has never expected to achieve a Bachelor degree. Upon his graduation, he expressed his hope to find out an appropriate job as well as to share and support other people with disabilities or disadvantaged persons.

Dean of the university’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity Nguyen Duy Hai said that the university’s goal is to promote life-long learning by creating good condition for students to learn and earn a living themselves as well as serve the society.'

All lecturers were asked in advance to find appropriate teaching methods so as to help Thien catch up with his friends. Thien also strived to learn himself with the same syllabus as any other students.

Additionally, Thien had no delay in typing essays and submitted them all in time despite his fingers to curl inward toward the palm, Mr. Hai told. SGGP


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