KFH brings schooling opportunities to 600 needy students in Quang Nam province

Six hundreds students in Dai Loc district (Quang Nam province) on September 5 pleasantly received gifts for their new school year (2018-2019).
September 06, 2019 | 23:20

KFH brings schooling opportunities to 600 needy students in Quang Nam province

Representative of KFHI in Quảng Nam Kim Gil Nam present gifts to needy students.Photo: KFHI

The beneficiaries are students of Tran Tong primary school and Nguyen Du secondary school (Dai Quang ward, Dai Loc district, Quang Nam province).

The total value of the gifts were VND 70 million.

In addition to helping improve kids' studying corner, the gifts were also a source of encouragement for the students and their families, as well as local education authorities.

The gifting program for needy students is part of the project “Child Development Program” (CDP) 2015-2022 period, with total value of USD 315,000, aiming to assist disadvantages students overcome their difficulties, providing them a better learning and living environment.

The projects focuses on providing students with necessary items, such as stationary, notebooks, snacks, on occasion of the Middle Autumn Festival, new school year, end of school year.

Beneficiaries covered by CDP are living in mountainous or remote areas, far from the schools. Therefore, besides supporting the school in terms of facilities, KFHI also subsidized part of tuition fee and expenses for lunch at schools (By having lunch at schools, students can save their time and have more time for arts lessons (music, painting, etc).

KFHI is a Korean non governmental organization which started to work in Vietnam in 2006. In Quang Nam and Vinh Phuc province, KFHI has been supporting people in various fields, including economic development, social welfare, and particularly Children Development Program.

In addition, KFHI also conducts short term projects, providing gifts, scholarships to students, bringing volunteers from different countries to help needy students acquire better knowledge, gain more confidence and be ready to integrate in the community./.

( Translated by P.Y )

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