Labour export exceeds 100,000 benchmark for fourth consecutive year

Vietnam sent 134,751 workers to work abroad in 2017, including 53,340 female workers (accounting for 39.6%), according to the latest data from the Department of Overseas Labour (DOLAB) under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA).

The figure is exceeding by 28.3% of the annual plan set for 2017 and accounts for 106.7% of the 2016 figure.

2017 is the fourth consecutive year the number of Vietnamese overseas workers exceeded the 100,000 benchmark per year.

The statistics show that last year, the Japanese market witnessed a remarkable growth, receiving 54,504 Vietnamese labourers (including 24,502 female workers). The total number of Vietnamese trainees practicing in Japan has reached 100,000, the highest number among 15 countries sending trainees to Japan.

Labour export exceeds 100,000 benchmark for fourth consecutive year

Number of Vietnamese labourers working in Vietnam’s key labour export markets in 2017. (Source: MOLISA, Unit: Workers)

Chinese Taipei continues to be the largest market for Vietnamese oversea labour with 66,926 employees (including 23,530 female workers). 2017 is the second consecutive year that the number of Vietnamese workers has reached over 60,000 in Chinese Taipei (accounting for nearly 50% of the total number sent abroad last year). The share of Vietnamese labourers working in the market has increased steadily in recent years.

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