Media OutReach works with AIESEC in Universiti Malaya and Thermomix KLM for youth in Malaysia

AIESEC in Universiti Malaya returns with its semiannual Malaysian Youth Volunteer projects focusing on SDGs 4 and 12, in the field of mental health awareness, STEM education and food waste management respectively.
August 08, 2022 | 13:30

The projects run throughout a span of four weeks and are scheduled to take place from the 25th of July 2022 to the 20th of August 2022. With targeted beneficiaries coming from students in the B40 groups, AIESEC in Universiti Malaya strives to amplify its impact by having students drive the projects for students - for youths, by youths.


Media OutReach Newswire, the first global newswire and press release distribution service provider founded in Asia, is pleased to support the projects as a Newswire Partner by providing pro bono press release distribution service to raise public awareness of their projects that aim to enrich youth contribution to the community.

"At Media OutReach, social responsibility has always been an integral part of our business – we believe in investing to improve lives in our community. The partnership with AIESEC demonstrates our vision to nurture our next generation with an aim to unleash their potential. The projects aim to reduce the gap of the inequality of education among students from less privileged communities. We believe that this collaboration will be able to amplify the impact of the projects and bring the voices of our youths further," Jennifer Kok, the Founder and CEO of Media OutReach said.

SPEAK UP as a gateway to STEAM Education

AIESEC in Universiti Malaya strives to provide quality leadership experiences for its volunteers and participating schools. This year, with the Under SDG 4, the SPEAK UP project was launched as a national project to provide a safe and conducive environment for Malaysian high school students to speak confidently, while gaining personal development and technology literacy throughout the project. The key activities of the project have been continuously refined for added relevance and suitability for the current generation.

Together with creative editor Nur Husnina Afiqah Binti Mohd Apandi and more, the SPEAK UP project looks into conducting CANVA, coding and game development workshops to equip volunteers with STEAM skills relevant to their growth and development. Besides, education spaces are designed to ensure volunteers are able to become -trainers themselves. President of the AIESEC in Universiti Malaya Local Chapter, Gan Xiao Tian, said: "We believe in the growth and development of students as they discover and develop others' potential." While volunteers learn tech knowledge from the strategic partners, they are able to facilitate the growth of the student beneficiaries.

Food waste management with CLEAN OUR PLATE project

As a nation spoiled for choices on delicacies, the food waste thrown by Malaysians averages 3.8 tonnes daily as of November 2021, as reported by The Lost Food Project (TLFP). To curb this ongoing problem and raise awareness among youth about food wastage, the CLEAN OUR PLATE (COP) project was pioneered by AIESEC in Universiti Malaya in 2017. It focuses on SDG 12 to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

'Zero Food-Waste' Campaign by AIESEC in Universiti Malaya x Thermomix KLM

AIESEC in Universiti Malaya has come together with Thermomix Malaysia (KLM Branch) to design 'Zero Food-Waste' Campaign, which aims to urge the community to join in on the food waste awareness movement by showcasing their creativity through the power of social media.

To widen the impact and increase the outreach, Thermomix KLM has put forth a prize pool totaling up to RM 360.00 for the winners. Interested individuals are encouraged to put their best forward for the competition and be a part of the change

About Media OutReach Newswire

Founded in 2009, Media OutReach is the first global newswire founded in the Asia Pacific region with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and with its headquarters in Hong Kong. Media OutReach constantly invests in its distribution network and post-release report to deliver an authentic service that connects clients to a journalist, builds online visibility, and empowers their SEO and social media.

Media OutReach Newswire is the only global press release distribution company that owns its distribution network across 25 countries in the Asia Pacific; possessing a database of more than 140,000 journalists, 400 trade categories, 65,000 media titles, and has partnerships with more than 500 real media to provide guarantee real online news posting for their clients' news releases.

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In 2021, Media OutReach was named "the Most Important and Influential Asian PR Distribution Service provider for Asia Pacific Region" by TMCnet, the world's leading trade online media website covering communications and technology. Media OutReach was also named "2021 OPPO Partner of the Year" by OPPO Global, the world's leading smart device manufacturers and innovators.

About AIESEC in Universiti Malaya

AIESEC in Universiti Malaya is the oldest local chapter of AIESEC Malaysia. Established in 1968, it started as a subcommittee under the Universiti Malaya Economics Society (UMECS) before becoming an independent organization in the university, later on growing to become a national chapter. Currently, the organization runs with 12 other local chapters across the country, and the Universiti Malaya branch prides itself on running projects under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and providing industrial exposure to students of its entity.

About Thermomix KLM

Thermomix KLM is one of the Branches in Thermomix Malaysia. It was formed in early 2018 with just a Branch Manager; Suriya Abdullah. Today it has over 600 active advisors and has been the No 1 branch in Malaysia in 2020 and 2021 in terms of a number of sales. Suriya Abdullah is also the Author of the award-winning Malay Kitchen Cookbook.

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