Mother wishes to meet the recipient of her son's heart

In recent days, the story of Mrs. TTN (71 years old, in Hai Duong) shared on social networks with the desire to meet the recipient of her child’s heart has created many mixed opinions, which her request has been refused by the hospital.
March 29, 2021 | 16:42
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The son of Truong Thi N from Hai Duong province was in a traffic accident in September 2020 and was declared brain dead at the Military Hospital 108. N and her family agreed to donate the son’s organs to save six other patients.

The hospital then carried out fivetransplant surgeries, including lung, liver, kidney and forearm transplant surgeries. The heart was carried to the Vietnam - Germany Friendship Hospital and transplanted into a terminal-stage myocarditis patient, according to Vietnamnet.

The forearm has been transplanted into a 19-year-old boy (Photo: Vietnamnet)

On September 16, 2020, the funeral of N’s son was organized by the Military Hospital 108 with the participation of the relatives of five organ recipients.

Since then, N has kept contact with the five families and updated the information about the health of the recipients.

N has no information how the heart of her son was used and who has been transplanted with the heart.

N is facing criticism that she allegedly sold the heart of the son for VND2 billion. She has become sleepless, and has to use tranquillizers every day.

N has asked for help to look for the patient who received her son’s heart.

“I collapsed when hearing from doctors that they could not save my son’s life. Then I met a female medical worker at the hospital, who talked about the procedure for organ donation,” N recalled.

At first, N refused to donate her son’s organs. But she was later convinced by the daughter, who said the donation would help save the lives of other people.

When agreeing to donate organs, N said she wanted to know the organ recipients and their addresses.

However, N could not get information about the heart recipient from the Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital.

The law does not prohibit meeting the two sides

Professor Mai Hong Bang, Director of Hospital 108 (Photo: VNA)

Talking about this case, Professor Mai Hong Bang, Director of the 108 Military Central Hospital, said he had grasped the information that the mother in Hai Duong wanted the community to share so that she could meet the heart recipient. Her son. “The gesture of the donor’s family is very beautiful, they have helped prolong the lives of patients with organ failure” – Professor Bang said.

According to Prof. Bang, in January, the hospital invited Mrs. TTN to attend the organ donor’s Gratitude Ceremony and awarded the Medal for the People’s Health of the Ministry of Health to acknowledge the noble gesture. Before that, when learning about the funeral arrangements for the donors at the hospital, 5 families receiving organs at the hospital actively visited, condolenced the family and thanked the donors. This work is completely derived from the respect and deep gratitude for the humanitarian gesture of the donor and completely the voluntariness of the recipient’s families.

He also said that the fact that families know and meet is due to self-contact and the hospital is not connected. This is not prohibited by law. According to him, the multi-organ transplant on September 16, 2020, fully complied with the legal provisions on organ tissue donation.

Prof. Bang added that on November 7, 2020, Ms. N. sent a petition to the National Center for Organ Transplant Coordination, proposing to make “a commitment to provide information about my child’s heart recipients” .

Medical workers observe a minute’s silence to honour the donor (Photo: VNA)

After that, the National Center for Organ Transplant Coordination sent an official letter dated 11-11-2020 requesting 108 Central Hospital to verify and coordinate to resolve. The hospital has met, encouraged and explained carefully to the family about the provisions of the law on confidentiality of information of donors and recipients during the process of donating, taking or transplanting human tissues and organs. “As a rule, the hospital is not allowed to disclose information about recipients and donors. Also according to the law, recipients have the right not to meet the donors” – Professor Bang said.

On November 24, 2020, the donor’s family petitioned to withdraw the petition. On November 27, 2020, the Hospital sent a dispatch to notify the settlement results to the National Center for Organ Transplant Coordination.

Professor Bang emphasized that organ donation is a noble act, an act of reviving many other lives, the donation of a part of the donor’s body and their families should honor and help save many lives. sick. The hospital wants to send its deep gratitude to all individuals and families of organ donors for the noble gesture of donating tissues and organs to save the patient’s life.

Doctors' reactions

The story has stirred controversy in society and among patients waiting for organ transplantation.

Pham Nguyen Son, Deputy Director of Military Hospital 108, commented that the story has deviated from the original and many people now have a misunderstanding about organ donations, thinking it is trade. But donations must be ahumanitarian activity, without any financial claims.

The misunderstanding may make the situation even worse as donation sources are very limited. Many patients could not be saved because of the lack of donated organs.

Thousands of patients need organ transplant operations every year but the number of donors remains small.

He stressed that donors themselves and their families are good people who need to be honored by society.

Son said that there are some problems in the regulations related to tissue and organ donations and the Ministry of Health is joining forces with some agencies to discuss the amendment of the regulations, including ones on medical costs that donors’ families have to pay.

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