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Number of Vietnamese students in RoK reached over 37,000 in 2019

16:27 | 01/10/2019

The number of Vietnamese students at the Republic of Korea’s universities and colleges reached 37,426 in 2019, up over 10,000 against 2018.


Vietnamese students at a writing workshop held at Chung-Ang University in Seoul. Photo:

The figure is projected to continue growing in the future, in line with Korean investors’ higher investment in Vietnam and increasing impact of K-pop music and Korean dramas.

Official data from the Republic of Korea’s education authorities recorded more than 160,165 foreign students across universities and colleges this year, an annual increase of 12.6 percent and almost doubling the figure for 2009. The number of those from Vietnam accounted for 23.4 percent of the total, expanding 14 times in a decade.

China has so far sent the highest number of student to RoK, at 71,067 this year. However the figure reflected an annual decline of 3.9 percent./.