Sabeco offers 39 percent stake to foreign investors

Foreign investors are permitted to own a maximum of 38.59 per cent from the 53.59 per cent stake in Saigon Beer, Alcohol and Beverage Corporation (Sabeco) that the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) will officially put on sale on December 18.

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Due to the impending pestment, Sabeco's ticker value rose to the top of the stock exchanges (source: VIR)

Accordingly, MoIT will offer 343.3 million to both foreign and domestic investors at the initial price of VND320,000 ($14.09) a piece.

The initial valuation is based on the principle of taking the highest price from three prices, including the average reference price of the latest 30 transaction sessions worth VND281,500 ($12.39) apiece, the price of VND184,700 ($8.13) raised by the consultancy firm, and the VND320,000 ($14.09) from the latest transaction session before the day the information about the pestment plan was officially published.

Speaking at the press conference, Truong Thanh Hoai, director of MoIT’s Heavy Industries Department, according to the government, the bought stake volume in this sale depends on investor demand. In case Sabeco’s stake proves unmarketable, MoIT will compile the plan for the second pestment round to submit to the government for approval.

In recent days, Sabeco’s shares soared in value on the stock exchange, surpassing VND300,000 ($13.21) to become the largest value ticker on the Vietnamese stock exchanges.

To date, several foreign breweries have admitted to eyeing Sabeco since it was earmarked for equitisation, such as San Miguel, Heineken, SABMiller, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (Thai Beverage), Japanese Asahi Group Holdings Ltd., and Kirin Holdings Co.

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