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South Korean nationals and their special love for Da Nang

September 09, 2019 | 15:31

Currently, there are a sum total of 10,758 South Korean people who are living, working, and studying in Da Nang. Many of them have settled down in Da Nang, and their decisions have been really inspired by their special love for the beautiful coastal city.

South Korean nationals and their special love for Da Nang

Mr Park Sang Pil (right) wants to study Vietnamese language to become a Da Nang citizen

Mr Park Sang Pil, Director of the K-Market supermarket chain in both Da Nang and Quang Nam Province’s Hoi An City, is a typical example.

He wished to live in Da Nang for the rest of his life when he visited the city in 2007 for the first time due to its fresh air, beautiful mountains, romantic rivers, and amazing beaches with its clear blue waters, and soft white sand.

Four years later, he officially lived in Da Nang, and opened his first K-Market on Pham Van Dong in Son Tra District. K-Market specialises in selling food, beverage and soft drinks which all are imported directly from South Korea.

After finding success in it, he continued to open many ‘satellite’ supermarkets on Vo Van Kiet, Vo Nguyen Giap, Bach Dang and Cao Hong Linh streets, and at the Da Nang Golden Bay Hotel, the Sun World Ba Na Hills, and The Pearl Hoi An Hotel. More 5 supermarkets will be opened in Da Nang in the coming time.

Apart from doing his business activities, Mr Park has been actively involved in helping South Korean nations in Da Nang with the role of being a consular assistant of the South Korean Consulate General in the central region.

In particular, he joined efforts with the municipal authorities to take 14 South Koreans who were injured after their tourist coach collided with a trailer truck at the entrance of the Hai Van Tunnel in February to the hospital for emergency treatment, and then help them return home safely.

In addition, Mr Park has donated scholarships to students at the Faculty of South Korean Language of the city-based University of Foreign Language Studies, given active support to the city branch of the Viet Nam-South Korea Friendship Association, and done many charity programmes.

Recently, the South Korean man has finished a 4-month preparatory Vietnamese training course at the university. He said if he passes a university entrance exam, he will become a university student to study Vietnamese language.

“I will live in Da Nang for the rest of my life except I will not be allowed anymore” Mr Park affirmed.

Like her fellow countryman Park Sang Pil, Seoul-born Yu Kyoungae instantly fell in love with Da Nang the first time she visited because of the city’s favourable geographical position with stunning coastline, beautiful beaches, and famous tourist attractions, plus the friendliness and hospitality of the local residents.

Ms Yu is now a lecturer at the city-based Viet Nam-Korea Friendship Information Technology Junior College. Due to her special love for beach, she takes Bien (beach) for her Vietnamese name, and lives near the My Khe Beach in order to satisfy her hobby of going to beach and immersing herself in flavour of the sea.

South Korean nationals and their special love for Da Nang

Mr Lee Chando (centre) reading the English online edition of the Da Nang Newspaper every morning

Prof. Dr. Lee Chando, Ms Yu’s colleague, has also showed his love for this beautiful city.

His major is to conduct research into artificial intelligence (AI). Most recently, he has given instruction about mobile phone programming to lecturers of the college’s Faculty of Information and Technology.

The majority of Mr Lee’s friends in Da Nang are Vietnamese people. At weekends, he often takes an over 20km bike ride to the peak of the Son Tra Mountain, or to the Hoi An City.

Besides, he has spent his free time to visit some of popular tourist attractions inside and outside the city, including the Sun World Ba Na Hills, and Hue Citadel.

Also, he has participated in the college's Tennis Club in order to improve his physical health, and to meet with many Vietnamese people inside and outside the college.

The South Korean man is living in the college’s dormitory for lecturers. Every morning, he often reads the English online edition of the Da Nang Newspaper, called DA NANG Today, to update useful information about the city, including exciting cultural and sports events.

Apart from his working hours at the college, he rarely goes out in the evening, and just spends his evening time to write calligraphy.

“I don't know many people in Da Nang, but I am willing to share my AI knowledge and skills with everyone. Please call me if you need anything”, the enthusiastic man noted.

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