Vietnam Impresses International Friends with Covid Coexistence Culture

Upholding community strength, always keeping a positive, cheerful, self-reliant and resilient attitude are the characteristics of Vietnam's culture of co-existing with the pandemic that earns the respect and appreciation of international friends.
June 16, 2022 | 16:36

Culture - endogenous strength in the pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is said to be a destructive "whirlwind" of virus, sweeping most countries around the world, affecting all aspects of social life. In the fight against the pandemic, the good traditional cultural values ​​of the Vietnamese people such as solidarity, mutual affection, and sharing shine even brighter, forming an endogenous source of strength for the country to overcome challenges.

International friends admire Vietnamese people's spirit of mutual affection with the tradition of "healthy leaves cover torn ones" expressed through many clever, creative, and humane solutions such as agricultural product rescue, free masks for the community, and rice ATMs. International friends are also impressed by the solidarity of Vietnam, the people's trust and support for the Party's policies and the Government's solutions.

Aaron Johnson, an American in Da Nang, said he was especially impressed by practical solutions such as a support hotline to provide food and necessities for those affected by Covid-19, "rice ATMs", "zero-dong stalls", volunteers making masks and distributing medical supplies, as well as the government's efforts to make sure no one raised the price of goods or took advantage of the situation.

"This makes me believe that there is really no one left behind in the pandemic. As long as they continue to stay united, the Vietnamese will overcome all difficulties, and challenges ahead to beat Covid-19," said Aaron Johnson.

“Vietnam is not the most developed country in the world, but it is definitely one of the most benevolent,” a foreign reader commented in an article published in the Malaysian The Straits Times about the rice ATMs established in Vietnam to help the poor have food during the pandemic. Not only bringing food to people in difficult circumstances, these free rice generators spread the kindness and solidarity of Vietnamese people to the world in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the eyes of international friends, Vietnam is not only a "lighthouse" in the anti-pandemic effort, a "bright spot" in economic growth but also a country with impressively proactive contributions, positive cooperation and sharing with the international community in the fight against the pandemic while successful completing international tasks, contributing to consolidating peace and stability for the region and the world.

Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam Grete Lochen said, during the pandemic, she had heard many touching stories about humanity and sharing despite differences in nationality and language. That is the story of Vietnamese doctors spending a hundred days trying to save the life of a British pilot infected with Covid-19, or the first time Vietnam took on the duty to treat Covid-19 patients who were UN staff under the MEDEVAC program. The event not only marked the good cooperation relationship between Vietnam and the United Nations, but also touched the hearts of UN staff in the region, both foreigners and diplomats. According to ambassador Grete Lochen, this is a symbol of Vietnam's goodwill and international solidarity, which is of immense significance in times of severe pandemic.

The more intentional friends understand Vietnam, the more they love the country

Alex Stevenson, a South African who has been to 25 countries on three different continents, said that the Vietnamese culture was completely different from other places he had been to.

“Vietnamese culture emphasizes the strength of community. I admire the cheerful and optimistic attitude of Vietnamese people in difficult situations such as the pandemic. From traditional culture, cuisine, customs, and practices to holidays, the more I learn about Vietnam, the more I love the country," said Alex Stevenson.

According to Sim Sang Joon, doctor of history, the pandemic shows that Vietnam has its own ways of responding. When there was no vaccine, creative measures were applied to fight the pandemic such as operating the army to help people, social distancing, the 5K message, rice, food, or oxygen ATMs. Those are the unique images and culture in Vietnam.

He said: "I have never seen any country use the slogan "Fight the pandemic the way we fight the enemy" like Vietnam. That slogan is the call of the country's mountains and rivers, an order from every Vietnamese people's heart. With that call, the Vietnamese people from all walks of life formed a battle against the pandemic. As each citizen is a soldier in the fight against the pandemic, hundreds of effective anti-pandemic measures were creatively and efficiently deployed.

Dr. Sim Sang Joon also said he had witnessed aid shipments from all over the world, vaccine diplomacy efforts as well as contributions from overseas Vietnamese, and international friends even those from countries as far away as Cuba to stand with Vietnam to overcome the difficult period, which shows that Vietnam always has friends to help. It is the spirit of "harmonious and tolerant coexistence". "This characteristic has rooted deeply in the history and culture of the Vietnamese people, not just a coincidence."

"A culture of harmonious coexistence is the key to the prosperity of Vietnam today and in the future," said Dr. Sim Sang Joon.

Vietnam Impresses International Friends with Covid Coexistence Culture
The Vietnamese Alumni Association in Cuba gifted more than VND 390 million (USD to support the Cuban people in the fight against Covid-19 (Photo: Tuan Viet).

According to Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga, President of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, international friends have known many beautiful images of Vietnam. It is a brave and resilient people who have made miracles in the struggle for national independence, freedom, peace, and unification. It is a country that has overcome many difficulties, as war consequences, strongly innovate to get out of poverty and be among countries with high and stable economic growth in the world. It is a popular tourist destination with beautiful nature and friendly and hospitable people.

During challenging days of dealing with Covid-19, Vietnamese bravery shined again and the world saw beautiful new images of Vietnamese people and culture.

“I am impressed by a foreigner Mike Turner's comment on the internet: “Nothing is impossible in Vietnam. This is the nation with the most resilience and optimism.” It is certain that the image of kind Vietnamese people, with a culture of humanity, resilience, and willingness to share and help friends during difficult times will remain forever in the minds of international friends," said Ambassador Nguyen Phuong Nga.

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