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Vietnam: Province of Son La exports more mangoes to UK

June 21, 2019 | 09:42

Three tonnes of mangoes, grown in Yen Chau district in the northern mountainous of Son La, were packaged on June 19, ready to be flown to the UK.

Vietnam: Province of Son La exports more mangoes to UK

Son La mangoes

Ha Van Son, Director of the Chieng Hac agricultural cooperative in Yen Chau, said his cooperative is tending 14 ha of under mangoes under VietGap standards, with an estimated yield of 200 tonnes in service of export. Earlier, Yen Chau mangoes are sold mainly in the domestic market and exported to China, he said.

Seeing the potential of exporting their mangoes to other countries, Yen Chau growers have applied international cultivation standards for exporting to markets with strict criteria. As a result, seven tonnes of mangoes have been selected to ship to the UK in this June.

In 2019, Son La has 15,700 ha of mango farms which are expected to give yields of 35,500 tonnes, including 7,500 tonnes eligible for export. In this first half of this year, the province shopped abroad nearly 3,000 tonnes of mangoes, including 10 tonnes of the UK market.

Son La is the fifth locality in the country following Dong Thap, Vinh Long, An Giang and Tien Giang and the first in the north to export mangoes to markets with high potential, like UK.

Vietnamese mangoes have been exported to 40 countries and territories worldwide, including Japan, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan (China), the EU, Australia, the US, the UK and Canada. It is the sixth fruit of Vietnam to be exported to the US, after dragon fruit, rambutan, longan, lychee and star apple.