Europe’s first self-cleaning robot mop & vacuum that washes the mopping pads automatically

Yeedi Redefines Robot Mops with the Debut of yeedi mop station

Yeedi, a robot vacuum brand committed to delivering intelligent floor-cleaning technology for people in pursuit of high efficiency, brings yeedi mop station to European customers.
July 07, 2021 | 16:00

BERLIN, GERMANY - Media OutReach - 7 July 2021 -This 2-in-1 robot mop and vacuum features a revolutionary self-cleaning station to wash and damp the mopping pads automatically for a truly hands-free mopping experience. Designed with 2 spin mopping pads, rotates at 180r/min with a 10N force to the floor, customers can expect effective mopping performance.

"Enough water, sufficient pressure to the floor, and an always-clean mop are three basics to ensure an ideal mopping result. But few robot mops on the market managed to meet these 3 preconditions." Said Gary, Li, General Manager of yeedi, "Dedicated to delivering a reliable robot mop to our customers, yeedi mop station is engineered with the basic logics of mopping making it possible for our users to experience a thorough and truly hands-free floor cleaning."

Hands-Free Mopping with Built-In Washing Machine for the Mops

yeedi's self-cleaning station works as a built-in washing machine for the mops. Unlike other robots on the market with mini water tank, it features separate clean and waste water tanks (3500ml each) for systematic water disposal. When the mops get dirty and dry, the robot will return to the base station for mop washing & damping and resume cleaning right where it left off. After cleaning is done, the built-in fan takes over to dry the mops in case of odor generation and mildew breeding.

Effective and Reliable Mopping Performance

yeedi mop station features an intelligent mopping system to mimic hand mopping. The 2 spin mopping pads rotating at a speed of 180r/min are pressed tightly against the floor by a 10N downward pressure. In this case, stains can be loosened and removed easily. The built-in carpet detection sensor smartly steers the robot away from carpet when mopping to avoid contaminating your carpet.

Wet and Dry Clean at the Same Time with Hybrid Design

yeedi mop station is versatile. It mops and vacuums simultaneously during cleaning. Boasting a 2500Pa strong suction power, yeedi sucks up pet hair, crumbles and dirt hidden deep in the crevices. It learns your home layout precisely and plans efficient cleaning paths with the help of the Visual Mapping technology.


Priced at €649, yeedi mop station will be available in the beginning of August. As a launching offer, the first 300 purchases of yeedi's subscribers can get an over €100 worth of early-bird perk.

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About yeedi

yeedi is an up-and-coming robot vacuums supplier launched in 2019. We gathered a group of robotic and housekeeping experts who are passionate about life and keen to innovations to bring quality smart products with modern design and practical features to customers all over the world.


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