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50,000-year-old lake in India suddenly turned pink and scientists can't explain why

06:47 | 17/06/2020

The water in Lonar Lake in India has suddenly transformed into a pink color while the reasons behind this phenomenon is still uncovered by scientists and authorities.    

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50000 year old lake in india suddenly turned pink and scientists cant explain why
Lonar Lake, which is located about 311 miles east of Mumbai, has mysteriously turned pink

In recent days, people across India are wondering what caused Lonar Lake in the nature reserve in Maharashtra to have mysteriously turned pink.

Scientists speculate that this change is likely due to the saline in the water, or the proliferation of algae, or a combination of both. Great Salt Lake in the USA and Hillier Lake in Australia used to be in a similar incident.

Gajanan Kharat, an Indian geologist, believed that the change in the color of Lonar Lake had happened before but was not as prominent as this time.

"This year, the lake water turns red because the water's salinity has increased. The amount of water in the lake has decreased and the water level becomes shallower. Therefore, the salinity of the lake water increases leading to internal changes." Kharat hypothesized.

The expert also said that the research team is investigating whether any red algae are responsible for this discoloration. Water samples have been sent to several local labs and their analysis will explain why Lonar Lake turns pink.

50000 year old lake in india suddenly turned pink and scientists cant explain why
Lonar Lake turned pink overnight in Maharashtra

The lake, formed after a meteorite hit the Earth some 50,000 years ago, is also a famous tourist attraction and has been studied by many scientists around the world.

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