Bringing Vietnamese Products to Algerian Consumers

The Vietnam Trade Office in Algeria coordinated with the Carrefour system in Algeria to organize activities to introduce and promote Vietnamese products at Carrefour Hypermarket.
December 24, 2023 | 12:17
area to introduce and try Vietnamese coffee. Photo: VNA
Booth introducing and try Vietnamese coffee. Photo: VNA

On December 22, the Vietnam Trade Office in Algeria and the Carrefour system in Algeria organized an activity to introduce and promote Vietnamese products at the Carrefour Hypermarket in the City Center in capital Algiers.

This is an activity to introduce two strong products of Vietnam, coffee and pangasius fillets, to Algerian consumers. These are also products that are considered to have a lot of consumption potential in this market.

At the event, local customers had the opportunity to learn information about Vietnamese products, listen to presentations about processing methods, and taste the products.

Vietnam's commercial counselor in Algeria said that Vietnam's seafood production in 2023 is expected to reach more than 9.26 million tons with a total export turnover of about US$9.2 billion. Among them, the main export items include shrimp (US$3.45 billion), catfish (US$1.9 billion), molluscs (US$0.8 billion), tuna (US$0. 9 billion).

According to the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), Vietnamese pangasius has been exported to more than 140 countries and territories around the world, conquering both traditional and "difficult" markets like America, Europe, Japan.

Regarding coffee exports, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in 11 months of this year, Vietnam exported 1.36 million tons, reaching a total value of US$3.5 billion.

It is forecasted that Vietnam's coffee exports will continue to grow for the rest of the year, as the country is entering the 2023-2024 harvest season. Currently, Vietnamese coffee is also available in more than 80 countries worldwide.

The main coffee exporting countries to Algeria are Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Uganda.

Vietnamese Trade Counselor in Algeria Hoang Duc Nhuan assessed that Vietnamese coffee still has room to export to Algeria because it is appreciated by importers and consumers for its quality and flavor.

Vietnamese coffee has a special flavor, creates high foam, and has the ability to absorb sugar better than coffee from other countries. Therefore, despite the geographical distance between the two countries, Vietnamese coffee is still prioritized for import into Algeria and often holds the largest market share.

In addition to Algeria, Vietnam's raw coffee also has a lot of potential to expand market share in other African countries, especially countries in the North African region such as Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

Photo: vietnaminsider
Photo: vietnaminsider

The vast majority of local customers after trying Vietnamese products have good feelings, they appreciate the taste and quality of the products.

Algeria is considered a large market for coffee consumption, as this is the most popular and popular beverage with an average import of 130,000 tons of coffee beans/year.

However, Algeria is currently implementing a policy of restricting the import of finished products to encourage investment in local production. This creates jobs and creates products tailored to local consumer tastes.

Therefore, although Vietnamese raw coffee accounts for 60% of Algeria's import market share, there are almost no Vietnamese brand coffee products sold on the market.

As for pangasius, some supermarkets in the capital Algiers sell frozen Vietnamese pangasius fillets with prices ranging from US$5-9/kg. Every year Algeria imports about 30,000 tons of seafood, mainly fish fillets, with an average import turnover of US$100 million/year.

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