Diplomatic corps cheer U23 Vietnam

Meanwhile, the Embassy of Canada said: "

(VNF) – The achievement of the Vietnamese young football players in the AFC Asia Championship is not only an impressive milestone in the nation's sports history, but also a pride of the South East Asia. Despite did not become the champion, the team's brilliant performance, their iron will on the field will be forever engraved in people's hearts.

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The bus carrying coach Park and the U23 team welcomed by Hanoian people on January 28. (photo: Duong Quoc Binh)

The final game of the tournament has brought the curtain down on a remarkable campaign for Vietnam, one which will undoubtedly live long in the memories of Vietnamese fans and the Southeast Asian nation’s supporters.

Previously, Vietnam has beaten all odds and surpassed all expectations to reach the finals of the AFC U23 Championship, becoming the first team in the history of Southeast Asia to get so far in the championship.

In the last two days, international friends of Vietnam, including country leaders and senior diplomats have been enthusiastically sharing the vibe with millions of Vietnamese, showing their admiration and supports toward the young team, who has fantastically entered the final round, and bravely fight to the last minute under heavy snow throughout over 2 hours.

The President of Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, extended a congratulatory message to Vietnam in a status published on his facebook on January 27, right after the final march:

“The U23 team of Vietnam, under the guidance of Park Hang-seo coach, has become the first runner-up of the AFC Asia Champion. The image of the football players trying their utmost until the end of the second extratime under heavy snow symbolizes genuine spirit of sport."

Dòng chia sẻ của Tổng thống Hàn Quốc trên trang Facebook cá nhân. Ảnh chụp màn hình.

Congratulation post on Korean President's facebook on January 27 (source: VNE)

Furthermore, on the ocassion, the Korean President recalled the dedication of coach Park in the last three months, saying "he has worked hard to lead the U23 team of Vietnam to the pinnacle of Asian football”, which make the president and Korean people "feel delighted with the result.”

“I am happy to see Korea and Vietnam become closer friends. Congratulation to coach Park and the achievements of U23 VN,” he noted.

Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam, Pereric Hogberg, shared a picture of the team on the field, covered by snow flakes, with a message:

“I would like to personally congratulate the Vietnamese U23 team for being the no.2 in the 2018 AFC Asia Championship. Coming from Sweden, I know that playing football on a field full of snow and under zero is not easy, even for Swedish players! The fantastic atmosphere everywhere in Vietnam spoke for itself during the last one week! I'm looking forward to closely follow the promising development of Vietnamese football the years ahead.

US Ambassador Kritenbrink shows his support for Vietnam's U23 football team by posing with the calligraphic message "Vietnam the Winner" on Jan 26 (photo: Phi Yen)

US ambassador, Daniel Kritenbrink,wrote on his facebook: "Vietnam still wins in our hearts. Congratulations on making history!"

Earlier, after Vietnam beated Qatar to win the ticket to the final round, ambassador Kritenbrink also published a post in Vietnamese: Chúc mừng Việt Nam! Việt Nam vào chung kết! (Congrats Vietnam! You have enter the final round.)

At the same time, many embassies have extended congratulatory message to Vietnam:

The Cuban Embassy called Vietnam the "continental runner-up", hailing the achievement of the special friend as "a dream tournament, an unforgettable New Year's gift".

While we didn’t get the outcome we had hoped for, making it to the AFC U-23 Championship for the first time ever is something to be deeply proud of!"

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"Coming from Sweden, I know that playing football on a field full of snow and under zero is not easy, even for Swedish players," said Ambassador Pereric (source: Facebook)

The Embassy of Belgium showed amazement at the team’s performance "Vietnam, you have made history and have given the fans a wonderful, passionate football match." The embassy also stressed the Vietnam team has been always striving for excellence in unity.

The Embassy of Denmark joined the cheerful atmosphere by sending congratulations to the Vietnamese U23 national football team and Vietnam for winning silver at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Championship 2018. "Best Vietnamese football result ever – bodes well for the future !” it said.

"U23 Vietnam made history at the AFC 2018. We are proud of you," said the Irish embasy.

On fanpage of Embassy of Indonesia, heartwarming message was shared:

“Congratulation on the success of U23 Vietnam! Welcome you to be home! You are the heroes to all Vietnamese and ASEAN community!”

The Consulate of Malaysia HCM, said: “Well done, Vietnam! As a fellow ASEAN member state, we are proud of your achievements.”

Khoảnh khắc dễ thương của thầy trò U23 trên đường diễu hành

Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung gives signature to fan. (source: VNE)

The pride was highlighted on the fanpage of the ASEAN community: "Kudos to U23 National Football Team of Vietnam for taking home the silver medals and the Fair Play Award at the AFCU23, after the finals against Uzbekistan. Despite losing after extra-time in the heavy snow, the team played a beautiful game and displayed a will of iron and great resilience. They can definitely go home with their heads high! Thank you for making ASEAN proud once more!"

The cheerful spirit has been broadcast widely by the Australian Embassy, since the Embassy is calling Facebook users to share photos capturing wonderful moments of soccer fans of U23. Earlier, after hearing that Vietnam would enter the final round, the Embassy also made a short clip featuring Australian Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City, Karen Lanyon, wearing a leaf conical hat, standing between a cute Kangaroo and Koala, waving Vietnamese flag, sending best wishes./.

( Phi Yen )

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