Boost Your Family's Health with a convenient soy milk beverage

Limited time or limited nutritional knowledge is always a major barrier which add to women’s worries when it comes to looking after their family's health. With the convenience the ready-to-drink Number 1 Soya Calcium soy milk beverage, supplementing nutrition for loved ones are no longer a challenging task for the homemakers.
April 24, 2024 | 08:10

According to data from the General Statistics Office, the average income of Vietnamese workers is increasing. In 2023, the growth rate will reach 6.9% compared to 2022. An increase in income has elevated quality of life. Consumers are gradually spending more money on improving their health and lifestyle.

As such, they invest more in their daily meals in both quantity and quality, with a goal to maintain nutrients and energy for the body in order to keep up with the busy lifestyle of studying and working.

However, investing money alone is not enough to achieve better health if nutritional knowledge is lacking. The truth is that many people still think that a meal supplemented with lots of meat, fish, eggs, milk, shrimps, crabs... is the most nutritional meal. This is completely wrong and is also the main cause of nutritional imbalance for the body and can directly lead to excess protein but deficiency in other necessary nutrients.

According to nutrition experts, meals need to provide all 4 main groups of nutrients including: protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals, to provide the body with enough energy and enable healthy development. At the same time, prioritize the use of foods derived from plants to maintain nutritional balance.

Boost Your Family's Health with a convenient soy milk beverage
Plant-based foods and drinks are increasingly popular with many health benefits.

Currently, a plant-based diet is considered a healthy lifestyle which can help the body absorb more fiber and to reduce salt, saturated fat or sugar. In addition, this regimen also helps to lose weight effectively and improve mental health.

Plant-based foods today have many diverse choices for consumers, from vegetables, fruits, to beans and grains. In addition to familiar vegetables prepared in meals, a nutrient-rich beverage derived from plants favoured by many housewives is soy milk. It is no coincidence that soy milk is considered the "national" nutritional drink of Vietnamese people. Soybeans contain many healthy nutrients and are affordable. The light and creamy flavour of this drink can easily conquer the palates of the common multi-generational families.

It is not too difficult to prepare soy milk at home, but it takes a lot of time. Hence, most modern housewives today choose ready-made soy milk products. Besides the convenience factor, they also set many stringent standards when choosing this line of bottled products. The first standard is no preservatives. The second is natural ingredients and the third is highly nutritional ingredients which are beneficial for health.

Boost Your Family's Health with a convenient soy milk beverage
Number 1 Soya Calcium soy milk impresses consumers with its fortified version in a lidded packaging

With the above stringent standards, it seems as if no existing products would be able to meet the requirements of the savvy housewives. However, recently they have discovered a genuine soy milk product. With a fortified version in a lidded packaging which can provide the convenience for transportation and storage, the ingredients are also supplemented with calcium to support bone strength. Number 1 Soya Calcium soy milk quickly attracts the attention of many homemakers. After learning more in depth about its production technology, they were truly convinced.

With nutritional drinks, ingredients are at the core of the product and to its quality depends largely on the production technology. With Number 1 Soya Calcium soy milk, consumers can completely rest assured about this.

After careful selection of the raw materials, the manufacturer will apply Japanese peeling technology to ensure quality retention of the raw materials prior to further process. Next, the raw materials will go through the Aseptic cold extraction technology. The modern production technology from Germany has been standing out with its sterilization ability, preserving flavours and nutritional values of the product with a shell life of up to 12 months without the need for preservatives.

With Aseptic technology, the product will be UHT- (ultra-high temperature) sterilized, bottled and capped to ensure 5 sterile elements: bottle, lid, liquid, product and processing environment. It is known that Tan Hiep Phat Group employs this technology in its production lines for its nationally established brands such as Zero Degree Green Tea, Dr Thanh Cooling Tea, Number 1 Energy Drink...

Boost Your Family's Health with a convenient soy milk beverage
Number 1 Soya Calcium uses Aseptic cold-fill technology from Germany and Japanese peeling technology

The breakthroughs from Aseptic cold-fill technology combined with modern Japanese peeling technology have helped Number 1 Soya Calcium soy milk become a nutritional drink which wins over conscientious consumers from homemakers to active young people amidst the extremely busy pace of modern life.

With Number 1 Soya Calcium, enjoying a glass of soy milk every morning to supplement quality nutrition for a long day no longer takes too much time. Convenience but still ensuring value in terms of taste, nutrition and health for consumers is the difference between Number 1 Soya Canxi and other drinks in the same segment.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the production of good-for-health beverages, Tan Hiep Phat Group has launched a new version of Number 1 Soya Canxi soy milk that is delicious, nutritious and convenient. Number 1 Soya Calcium's ingredients are 100% pure soybeans, now fortified with calcium to develop bone strength.

The product does not use preservative, holds the full flavor and nutritional value of soy milk, and is safe for consumers' health. The new version is specifically aimed at a more convenient experience for consumers. The fortified beverage and convenience of the lidded packaging helps consumers supplement quality nutrition anytime and anywhere.

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