Easy detox with 6 fruits

Detox, as the names suggests, refers to removing toxic waste materials from the body. There are various kinds of toxins that are formed within the body during the numerous metabolic functions.

And one of the easiest ways to detox is to include seasonal fruits in your diet.

Fruits are powerhouses of essential vitamins and minerals that provide you with the much needed anti-oxidants to fight against free radicals and help you detox. Below are six easy-to-find, happy-to-have fruits which can help you detox effectively.

1. Apple

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.According to the United States Nutrient Data Lab, one fist-sized apple contains only 81 calories but is packed with goodness. The soluble fiber, pectin, helps prevent plaque buildup in blood vessels while the insoluble fiber, cellulose, helps the digestive system move waste quickly through the intestinal tract by adding bulk. Apples are rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium, as well as B-complex folates and vitamins A and C.

Apart from being rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals, apples are also rich in phytochemical and pectin, which all help in detox. Pectin flushes out food additives and metals in our body. The acids in apple (malic and tartaric) help in digestion. Apples are best eaten raw and if consumed with the skin are good source of vitamin C and fiber. Organic apples have higher antioxidants than those apples that are conventionally grown.


Lemons or citrus fruits are often mentioned when talked about detox. All citrus fruits are great sources of vitamin C. Lemon is an effective source for cleansing, and also helps with gastric problems. They are most effective in detoxification when taken with warm water . Even though a lot of people add sugar to this mix, it is best advised to take it when you wake up, with fresh sliced root ginger in warm lime water.



Digestive health is also improved with pineapples. Many people who suffer from digestive health issues but start eating pineapples regularly find a lot of relief. This fruit offers insoluble and soluble fiber to help prevent diarrhea and constipation. It stimulates healthy food passage through one’s digestive tract.

Pineapple is bromelain rich fruit which help in breaking down of proteins and its digestion. It also helps in reducing inflammation which further helps relieve arthritis and helps in speedy recovery from injuries.


Pineapples are best if eaten fresh. The canned pineapples are not advised since the enzyme bromelian is destroyed in them. They also help in digestion.



The best way to consume pomegranate is in the juiced form since the seeds of the fruit takes a lot while to digest. Pomegranate offers good amount of vitamin C and fibre. It is also considered as a medicine since it helps keep the heart healthy and regulates cholesteron.


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Thanks to the papain, an enzyme, papaya improves your digestive processes.

The vitamin C content in papaya is so high that you only need 100 grams of this fruit to get the daily required dose. Papaya is also rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


According to Dr. Shibu Proulose, PhD of the US Department of Agriculture, studied the effects of blueberry and strawberry extracts on mouse cells. He found that these berries strongly support autophagy, or natural brain detox. The berry extracts worked by inhibiting a certain protein that blocks the natural brain detox process.

Detox isn’t just to lose weight – it’s to eliminate any toxins that can damage your body./.

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