Explore the Japanese Peace Boat

It has 11 decks and this time carries nearly 1,000 tourists from Japan, Germany, the US, the UK, Singapore, and Taiwan

(VNF) - Visitors on board the Peace Boat will have two days to visit the many beautiful landscapes of the province before continuing on its 97th voyage around the world, after the vessel arrived at Cai Lan Port (Quang Ninh province) on April 18.

Peace Boat, carrying nearly 1,000 crewmembers and tourists from Japan, Germany, UK, US, Singapore, and Taiwan (China), is a Japan-based international non-governmental and non-profit organisation that works to promote peace, human rights, equality, sustainable development, and respect for the environment.

The Peace Boat’s visit to Vietnam is within the framework of the Asia Europe People's Forum (AEPF) that the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF) is a member of the AEPF’s International Organizing Committee.

Over the course of its voyage, the Peace Boat calls on all nations around the world to cut their spending on weapons and to raise funds for disadvantaged people.

Previously, the Peace Boat has made several visits to Da Nang and Vung Tau and joined a parade in support of Vietnamese Agent Orange/Dioxin victims.

Let's step inside the Peace Boat with the Voice of Vietnam (VOV):

step inside the japanese peace boat  hinh 2

step inside the japanese peace boat  hinh 3

step inside the japanese peace boat  hinh 4

step inside the japanese peace boat  hinh 7

Peace Boat offers a variety of places to relax and exercises, including a swimming pool, a miniature golf course, a restaurant, a movie theatre, and a library

step inside the japanese peace boat  hinh 11

A Vietnamese representative is appointed to board the vessel and introduce passengers to the land, people, and culture of the country

( VNF )

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