Field Hospital No. 3 in Vietnam's Northern city ready operate

Field Hospital No.3 in Chi Linh City (Hai Duong province) was completed two days earlier than expected, ready to receive patients.
hai duongs third field hospital established at lightning speed Hai Duong's third field hospital established at 'lightning speed'
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After seven days of lightning-fast construction, Hospital Field No. 3 at the Center for Experimental Practice, Sao Do University - Campus 2 (Chi Linh, Hai Duong) has been basically completed, in a total floor area of 5230,17 m2. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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Receiving the site in the initial degraded state: cracked floors, broken bricks, moldy walls. The new three-story building where Field Hospital No.3 was built is almost technically fully equipped. The whole building was re-painted, re-paved, waterproofed. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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Taking over the premises from January 31st, Sun Group's employees from Hanoi, Da Nang were sent to Hai Duong to speedy build the hospital with a spirit of decency, as well as ensuring the safety of employees at the highest level. Up to now, the basic renovation of the whole building has been completed in accordance with the standard operating design of a standard field hospital. Most of Field Hospital's items such as partitions, hospital beds, function rooms, fans, trash cans ... have been installed and implemented. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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All staff and more than 200 workers involved in the construction of Hai Duong Field Hospital No. 3 put effort into finishing the final stages such as cleaning tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, arranging equipment, electric lines ... (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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The broken floors have been renovated, paved with new tiles, and cleaned. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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The entire interior and exterior walls of the hospital and the iron railing system are cleanly repainted. The partition between patient rooms is properly spaced to ensure pandemic prevention requirements. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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The previous broken nameplate was replaced with the glowing sign of "Field Hospital No. 3". The old Center for Experimental Practice at night has become shimmering and bright in the lights. The building's old restroom system, which did not meet the standard sanitary needs of the staff and patients was also upgraded and repaired. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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The doctor's bathroom and toilet area are built independently of the patient's area to ensure the safety of pandemic prevention for the team of nurses and doctors. The entire water and drainage system must also be renovated to ensure smooth operation and meet cross-contamination prevention requirements. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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Originally designed as a school, the electrical system of the old building only meets the power consumption of the basic lighting system and ceiling fan. But now, with the addition of a series of air conditioners, hot water systems, control systems, cameras, warning lights, fire protection systems ... the entire electric line of Field Hospital has also been upgraded and renewed. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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According to the design proposed by Sun Group, with the unanimous suggestions from representatives of the Ministry of Health, Bach Mai Hospital, and approved by Hai Duong province, the first floor of the Field Hospital will be used for patient classification, setting up functional rooms and treatment areas. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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The hospital has a total of 236 hospital beds. All the beds and accompanying facilities for field rooms such as wardrobes, fans, chairs, trash ... of Field Hospital in Hai Duong was reused from Tien Son (Da Nang) Field Hospital. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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The 2nd and 3rd floors are the areas for mild illness and preparation for discharge. To ensure safety to avoid cross-contamination, the hospital set up an outdoor staircase for light patients and nurses to move straight to the 2nd and 3rd floors. (Photo: Nhan Dan)
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Completion of Field Hospital No.3 will increase the treatment capacity of Covid-19 patients of Hai Duong health sector to about 900 beds. The rapid completion of the hospital and the willingness to receive patients will contribute to supporting Hai Duong's health sector in promptly stamp out the pandemic, bringing Hai Duong citizens' lives back to normal. (Photo: VOV)
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