From Vietnam - America Friendship Association to Vietnam - USA Society: A historic journey

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organization (VUFO) today held a special gathering to mark the 72nd birthday of the Vietnam – America Friendship Association (October 17, 1945-2017).
October 17, 2017 | 14:11

(VNF) - The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) today held a special gathering to mark the 72nd anniversary of the Vietnam – America Friendship Association (October 17th, 1945-2017).

From Vietnam - America Friendship Association to Vietnam - USA Society: A historic journey

The meeting overview. (Photo: Phi Yen)

The celebration was attended by leader of the Government Permanent Office for Human Rights, former and current leaders and members of the Vietnam – USA Society (VUS), representatives of VUFO, representatives of friendship and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Veterans Associations of Vietnam, US-ASEAN Business Council and friends of VUS.

Speaking at the opening remark, President of VUS, former Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Nguyen Tam Chien recalled the history of the Vietnam – America Friendship Association (VAFA) back in 1945.

VAFA was established on October 17th, 1945, shortly after President Ho Chi Minh announced the Declaration of Independence, marking the new chapter of an independent Vietnam on September 2nd, 1945.

The founding of VAFA 72 years ago demonstrated the country's goodwills and priority in building bilateral ties with the US since early day, said Chien.

From Vietnam - America Friendship Association to Vietnam - USA Society: A historic journey

President of the Vietnam - USA Society Nguyen Tam Chien speaks at the ceremony. (Photo: Phi Yen)

The charter of VAFA has a historic meaning, as it was the first people-to-people diplomacy organization of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (the precursor of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam), stated Nguyen Van Huynh, Vice President of the Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation, Member of Standing Committee of VUS.

VAFA was initiated by President Ho Chi Minh, aiming at fostering understandings between Vietnamese and American people, and seeking for supports from the progressive forces in the US for the journey toward peace and independence for Vietnam.

Despite being dissolved in 1946 due to historical circumstance, VAFA still played a significant role in laying the foundation for people-to-people diplomacy, and reinforcing the relationships between Vietnamese and US people, as the first organization tasked with people-to-people diplomacy of the nation.

VAFA is also the precursor of the Vietnam Committee for Solidarity with the American People (precursor of the Vietnam – USA Society), which actively engaged in various exchange with progressive Americans and international friends in bilateral and multilateral forums on peace movement, Huynh said, stressing the seamless transition and progression of VAFA's role in promoting people-to-people diplomacy in later years.

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Virginia Foote, Board President of the US - Vietnam Trade Council speaks at the meeting. (Photo: Phi Yen)

Nowadays, moving on with the tradition of VAFA, the VUS has been contributing tremendously to bilateral ties, especially in the nation's renewal period, through various practical activities which strengthen mutual understandings.

For instance, VUS was the organizer of the cultural-educational exchange programme “Understanding USA” in 2000 at Denver University (Colorado, US), the reconciliation biking journey "Vietnam Challenge" in 1998, the supporter for the Vietnamese US Alumni Club (chartered in 2014).

Speaking at the meeting, co-founder and Board President of the US-Vietnam Trade Council Virginia Foote, lauded the immense efforts of VUS, particularly in supporting the operation of US NGOs and enterprises in Vietnam.

Vietnam has been experiencing positive change in the past years, Foote noted, encouraging VUS to keep up with its brilliant performance, especially in maintaining the dialogue in business sector and opening more forums to strengthen people-to-people link.

The anniversary of the VAFA establishment is the celebration of the Vietnam – US relations, as well as an occasion to express the appreciation to inpiduals and organizations who have dedicated their efforts to cultivate the ties in the past 72 years.

At the meeting, delegates also discussed on areas for improvement and vision for the organization's operation in the time to come.

Accordingly, VUS should foster mutual understandings between Vietnamese and US peoples via seminars and conferences in multi areas, especially in investment and business; increase exchange activities with the US people's organizations, the Embassy and business communities; maintain and improve the operation of the VUS English center and the Vietnamese US Alumni Club, holding memorial activities for US veterans, etc.

At the same time, the meeting stressed the plan of publishing formal journal articles and books on the history of VUS, its contribution and the role of the US progressive people to anti-war movement.

Delegates at the meeting also emphasized the need for a succession plan, in order to nurture the next dynamic generations of leaders and members of VUS./.

( Phi Yen )

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