HCMC University of Science honors eight Danish professors

(VNF) - Eight professors from the  University of Roskilde ( Denmark) received medallion of appreciation by the HCM.City  University of Science on February 1.

The awarding ceremony was held as part of the 15th anniversary of the partnership between Roskilde University, Denmark, and VNU-HCM University of Science, Viet Nam.

The medallions were presented to eight Danish professors as an acknowledgement for their outstanding contribution to two universities' joint project on research and capacity building in the field of biochemical values, composition of plants, and low-cost solar panels.

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Leader of HCMC University of Science presents a gift to Professor Fritz Duus, the program’s co-ordinator for period 2009 - 2011. (source: HCMC University of Sciences)

Under this project, 42 Vietnamese master students and 9 PhD students have received training, and over 100 international and national articles were published.

On this occasion, the two universities also signed a new MOU for the coming 5 years’ cooperation.

The collaboration between HCMC University of Science and the Roskilde University was kick started in 2002 via the cooperation of two institutions' faculties.

In 2003, two universities inked an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on training and research through the Enhancement of Research Capacity in Developing Country (ENRECA) program funded by Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), lasting from February 2004 to February 2011. The total support from Denmark for this program was 12 million Danish kroner, equivalent to 50 billion Vietnamese dongs.

During the program, many master’s and PhD students from the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Science had the opportunities to conduct research at Roskilde University under the supervision of professors from the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences./.

( Phi Yen )

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