Palestinian guy climbing to hospital window bidding farewell to mom, who died of Covid-19

That Palestinian guy scaled the hospital wall to bid farewell to his mother,suffering from COVID-19, is really touching and image of this guy has gone viral on media.
July 22, 2020 | 06:57
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According to local reports, Jihad Al-Suwaiti, from the Palestinian town of Beit Awwa in West Bank, climbed to the windows of the Intensive Care Unit of Hebron State Hospital so that he could see his mother. She was undergoing treatment for Covid-19.

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Al-Suwaiti climbed up the wall and sat on the window. Photo: internet

Al-Suwaiti’s mother, Rasmi Suwaiti, aged 73, died on July 16, due to COVID-19 shortly after the unexpected visit from her son.

Despite various restrictions, Al-Suwaiti climbed up the wall and sat on the window carefully. High-risk patients are usually given the Intensive Care Unit for Isolation. Coronavirus has taken a toll on people all across the globe. As per July 20, there are 14,66,291 total cases including 609,511 deaths worldwide.

The picture of Al Suwaiti patiently sitting on the window has gone viral on social media. Mohamad Safa, the CEO of Patriotic Vision and a representative of the United Nations also shared the image. The image has melted the hearts of millions of people on social media and is doing rounds. Mohamad Safa wrote about how Al-Suwaiti sat outside the hospital window, every night until his mother passed away.

Rasmi Suwaiti was admitted to the Hebron State Hospital and had spent five days there. She was also battling leukemia when she tested positive for the novel coronavirus. In an interview with an international media organization, Suwaiti said he used to sit helplessly behind the outside window of the intensive care room, observing her last moments.

He also said that he tried to enter his mother’s hospital room when he came to know about her depreciating condition. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to enter. Just to say a final goodbye, he had to climb the hospital window.

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How the world react to his touching photo. Photo: internet
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