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PeaceTrees Vietnam clears 516,892m2 of land in Q1

21:43 | 09/07/2019

According information released in PTVN’s fanpage on July 6, in the first quarter of the year, the teams collected and destroyed 751 unexploded ordnances (UXOs) and cleared 516,892 square meters of land.

Photo: PTVN

All of PeaceTrees Vietnam (PTVN) newly-hired deminers are doing well and are now working in the field under supervision of experienced deminers.

In March, two IMAS Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) level 2 staff were selected and joined a 3-week Golden West EOD Level 3 training class in Cambodia. They both passed the training course and will be mentored until the end of the year before receiving Level 3 certification.

In August, Quang Tri will host a regional conference of all demining organizations in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to share information and plan for future work.

PTVN was founded in 1995 by Danaan Parry and Jerilyn Brusseau — whose brother, U.S. Army helicopter pilot Lt. Daniel Cheney, was shot down and killed during the Vietnam War in 1969. This is the first and only (up to now) US NGO that is licensed by the Government of Vietnam to operate in the field of mine clearance.

PTVN’s efforts and support have contributed to healing the scars of war, restoring trust, and fostering friendship between the two countries’ people. Their activities have helped to mitigate risks regarding bomb and mine accidents, created a safe land zone for local residents, and built multiple social welfare works.

Its economic and social welfare support programmes have benefited victims of bombs and mines, ethnic minority groups, and the poor, focusing especially women and children./.