People involved in anti-pandemic mission are a priority for Covid-19 vaccination

The forefront lines including staff working in medical facilities, participators in anti-pandemic missions, soldiers, and public security forces are prioritized groups to receive free Covid-19 vaccine shots.
February 26, 2021 | 17:11
The first volunteer vaccinated the second phase of the Nanocovax vaccine in Hanoi, February 26 morning. Photo: Giang Huy

On February 26, the government has issued a resolution stressing that the Ministry of Health will take responsibility to preside over the purchase, import, reception of aid, sponsorship, management, and use of the 2021 Covid-19 vaccine for people aged 18 and over 18, according to Vnexpress.

Vietnam is expected to purchase around 150 million vaccine doses, basing on the demands on Covid-19 prevention and combating in each period and stage, the number of vaccine doses will be regulated.

Those who are given the priority to get Covid-19 and free vaccines include front-line forces for epidemic prevention and control like those working at health facilities; members of the Steering Committee for epidemic prevention at all levels; people working in isolation, traceability, and epidemiological investigations; Covid-19 team based on community, volunteers, reporters; military, police.

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In addition, those prioritized for vaccination in Vietnam including staff and diplomats sent abroad; customs, immigration officers; people providing essential services such as aviation, transportation, and tourism; people involved in providing electricity and water services; teachers, people working at educational and training establishments; people working in administrative agencies and units often contact with many people; people with chronic diseases, people over 65 years old; people living in epidemic areas; the poor, social policy beneficiaries; persons sent by state agencies to work, study or work abroad; in other cases decided by the Ministry of Health on the basis of the epidemic prevention request.

In terms of areas, the Government proposes to give priority to the above-mentioned vaccinations in epidemic provinces and cities first; In localities, giving priority to injecting firstly for people in epidemic areas.

"Based on the availability of vaccines, priority should be given to people participating in epidemic prevention and control activities and people in epidemic areas", the Government's Resolution stated.

At the same time, the Government stipulates the local budget to ensure that the people in the area and those managed by the locality. Central budget guarantees for those belonging to the central agency and supports the local.

The mountainous provinces and the Central Highlands receive 70% support from the central budget. Provinces that regulate central budget revenues from 50% or more will actively use contingency budget sources; localities that pay the central budget less than 50% of the revenue will be supported with 30%. Provinces that have not had their own budget balance will be supported by 50% by the central government.

Before that, on the afternoon of February 25, the Government Office agreed with the proposals of some localities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong ... on the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccine according to the mode of socialization. Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs coordinated access to vaccine supplies.

Vietnam is expected to receive 150 million doses of vaccine this year and early next year, divided into 7 batches, supplied from AstraZeneca, Covax, and domestically produced. On 24/2, the first two batches with 117,600 doses arrived in Vietnam.

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