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Protected green sea turtle released back to sea

13:27 | 04/07/2019

Recently, a protected green sea turtle was released back to sea thanks to a citizen taking two minutes out of their day to call the ENV 1800-1522 wildlife crime hotline.

protected green sea turtle released back to sea

Image credit: Nha Trang Bay Conservation Organization

The 10 kg sea turtle, which has the highest level of protection by law, was being kept at a restaurant on Hon Tre island off Nha Trang. As soon as Education for Nature - Vietnam (ENV) had the information, they along with Nha Trang Bay Conservation Organization and Hon Mun Marine Conservation Organization, moved quickly to alert the local authorities and get the sea turtle to safety before it ended up in a cooking pot.

Earlier, thanks to a prompt response by ward police in Ho Chi Minh City ENV were able to have two tortoises confiscated from a street vendor.

According to information released in the its fanpage, ENV has marked the halfway point of 2019 by having a bumper June of wildlife crime successes.

65 violating internet post removed, and two Facebook accounts deactivated by Facebook at our request

55 tiger skin wallets confiscated, along with 4.4 kg of ivory, one Indochinese tiger skull, three tiger skin belts, one tiger tail key chain, four ivory pendants, four tiger claws, two leopard canines, four cobra skin belts, three sets of leopard skin, one piece of tiger skin, eight bear claws, one tiger canine, one leopard claw, and seven wild pig tusks.

31 live animals confiscated, comprising a green sea turtle, 21 other turtles including Cuora bourreti, Malayan snail-eating turtles, Impressed tortoises, Asian stripe-necked leaf turtles, and nine macaques.

15 live animals voluntarily transferred, comprising five bears, a green sea turtle, two lorises, two leopard cats, two macaques, one elongated tortoise, and two Asian stripe-necked leaf turtles.

5 subjects arrested by the authorities after receiving Law Enforcement Evidence Packages from ENV, 2 violating menus removed and one bear farm signboard removed./.