RoK found remain of one Vietnamese fisherman missing in boat fire

The Vietnam Labour Management Board in the Republic of Korea (RoK) announed that Korean maritime police has found one out six Vietnamese fishermen missing in boat fire offshore RoK’s island.
December 10, 2019 | 16:16

The victim’s remain has been identified as Nguyen Tien Ninh (1987).

The search operations are still being continued and the Vietnam Labour Management Board in the RoK and the Vietnamese Embassy will support the victim’s family to repatriate the dead as soon as possible.

They will also keep the five other missing fishermen's families updated on the search operation.

A fishing boat catching fire in the RoK’s Jeju island on November 19 left one person dead and 11 other unaccounted for, including six from Vietnam.

The Vietnamese nationals include Nguyen Van Cong (born in 1987), Nguyen Ngoc Loi (1995), Nguyen Tien Ninh (1987), Nguyen Van Thuy (1994), Nguyen Van Phuc (1988) and Nguyen Van Vien (1974), according to the Vietnam Labour Management Board in the RoK.

A fire broke out on the 29-ton fishing boat, consists of 12 fishermen, at around 7:09 am (local time) in waters some 76 kilometers west of a small island that is located near Jeju Island, according to the Korean maritime police.

Rescue workers found one of the crew members at a location 7.4 km south of the accident site.

The 60-year-old Korean surnamed Kim, who was found without a life vest, was airlifted to a hospital on the island but was confirmed dead. No signs of breathing or pulse were detected when the person was found.

On November 21, part of the vessel was retrieved by the RoK’s maritime police, and it was set to be transported to Jeju island the next day./.

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